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1. money money

Money is everything.
When I was in high school, I used to earn extra money babysitting.
Money makes the world go round.
Thus money in circulation drops, and price escalation quietens down.
I wish I could figure out how to get my car painted without paying a lot of money.
She asked him to give her some money so she could go to a restaurant with her friends.
I was attracted to the idea of helping others and getting money.
He sent his old clothes home for his brothers, and sent his family money, too.
I must calculate how much money I'll spend next week.
Tom gave Mary some money to help her buy her mother a Christmas present.
Don't stay in bed, unless you can make money in bed.
Tom absconded with all the money donated for earthquake relief.
What does seem clear is that we need to spend more money on this project.
The tooth fairy teaches children that they can sell body parts for money.
Throughout Europe, people withdrew their money from banks.

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2. cash cash

Cash or charge?
If you run out of cash, you can fall back on your savings in the bank.
Tom caught Mary stealing his money from the cash register.
In the U.S., it is common for people to write a check instead of paying cash.
iTunes has turned out to be a real cash cow for Apple.
And that's why for almost a hundred years, any employee has been able to go to his employer and insist on being paid in cash.
It is only the poor who pay cash. That's not from virtue, but because they are refused credit.
If they can get both a forged card and its PIN then all the cash in the bank account will be withdrawn.
Strangely, the cash register's total was 777 yen.
Older couples often appreciate cash more than gifts because they neither need nor have room for them.
Therefore, we try to persuade people not to have cash, to have money electronically transferred.
Well, said the shopkeeper, motioning for Dima to follow her to the cash register. "That'll be 3,000,000.99, then."
A neutral country is a country that doesn't sell weapons to a warring country, unless you pay cash.
Eric pays for everything in cash because he doesn’t like using bank cards.
It is possible to exchange cash in another currency in a currency exchange.

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