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pieszo Englisch:

1. on foot on foot

playIt's not far from here. You can walk. It will take you 5 minutes on foot.
I go to work on foot.
Our hotel was near the sea, so it was easy to get to the beach on foot.
sometimes i go home on foot
We love going on foot in the heavy rain.
It takes about 40 minutes on foot, or a quarter by car.
Can we go from the hotel to the beach on foot, or is it better to take a bus?
Travelling on foot is ecological
We went to work on foot.
My children go on foot to school.
Kuba goes on foot from school
So how much time does it take to get there on foot?
You can go on foot
Let's go on foot
Many people journey on foot or by bike.

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2. afoot afoot

Your order is afoot. Be patient.
Sth is afoot
For all the parents of teenagers who have wondered about their sons and daughters being cranky and moody, there may be a partial remedy afoot.

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3. walking distance walking distance

The hotel is in walking distance from the station.
it's within walking distance

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4. by foot by foot

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