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1. to write to write

I have to write an essay.
to write an e-mail to the director

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2. write wrote written write wrote written

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3. type type

You're my type.
ALS had made his hands and arms too weak to hold a pen or to type.
A good newspaper reporter takes advantage of what he learns from any source, even the "little bird told him so" type of source.
There is also one type of idealism that says even without strength or intelligence you can do anything if you can merely persist.
For any type of organisation, internal harmony and unity are important factors in deciding its success or failure.
Imogen of the Internet can type over 110 words per minute, but runs a 20-minute mile. The rest of her family has the opposite problem.
He's got a dual personality - usually a quiet "nice guy" type, but when he flips, his character changes.
This expression has really caught my fancy, as a type of English metaphorical expression not in Japanese.
If you stop loving the robot, it will take its revenge upon you "That robot will--" "Yes" " What type of revenge?" "It will kill you"
Real happiness comes cheap; if it's expensive, it's not of a good type.
Oh? You can type without looking at the keyboard. That's cool!
Hutongs are a type of narrow street, most commonly associated with Beijing, China.
I switch on my laptop, start up the browser, and type in the address I've already learnt by heart.
The megalomaniac differs from the narcissist by the fact that he wishes to be powerful rather than charming, and seeks to be feared rather than loved. To this type belong many lunatics and most of the great men of history.

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4. to pen to pen

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5. text text

I expect you can tell from the quoted text, but this is a book written in a colloquial style.
I'll text you.
Try to investigate in depth the cultural values your text brings into evidence.
At present the text book issue between the Korean and Japanese governments is developing into a significant problem affecting both countries.
Anastrophe, by switching around words, has the effect of emphasizing text.
Don't try to remember every sentence of the text, it's almost impossible.
The verb 'help' takes to-infinitives and bare infinitives but bare infinitives are said to be the most common in casual text; as also used in this example sentence.
The text of the national anthem of Canada was first written in French.
The purpose of this text is to deepen the understanding of black culture.
Therefore, for any text you hold the copyright to, by submitting it, you agree to license it under the Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0 (fr).
Let's master example sentences and the make-up of text by dictation.
For some reason the message text was corrupted, so I restored it before reading.
Pawluk texted the address of the security company to Nowak.
Marianne doesn't understand well this text from Voltaire.
This example text is a how-to-write sample, so please add to and delete from it as required before using.

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6. write wrote

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