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południowy Englisch:

1. southern

Southern newspapers attacked Lincoln.
The southern army needed men and supplies.
I bought a small lot on the hillside in Southern France where I plan to build a retirement home.
in the southern hemisphere
The reason the Northern and Southern Dynasties had failed in their rule was that they allowed literary splendor to surpass real substance.
They took a two week vacation on Phuket island in southern Thailand through a travel agency.
In Southern China, the qipao is also known as "changshan".
Yokohama is located in the eastern part of Kanagawa prefecture, of which it is the capital. The prefecture is situated in the southern part of the Kanto region.
When dubbing Japanese TV series in English, characters from Osaka are sometimes given a Texas accent. Both Southern and Kansai accents are distinctive in their respective languages.
The Cathares in southern France were called Albigensians.
They arrived in Southern Rhodesia, and there was a choice of an immigrants' camp, consisting of mud huts with a communal water supply, or a hotel; and they chose the hotel, being what are known as people of means.
Past the west coasts of Europe and Africa to the tip of southern Africa.
Tomorrow's total eclipse of the sun will be visible from the southern hemisphere.
Traveling to the southern states during the winter will be costlier than it is now.
southern countries

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2. southerly

A southerly wind brings warm air from Africa across the Mediterranean.

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