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poduszka Englisch:

1. pillow pillow

We had to purchase 1000 new pillows to our chain of hotels.
The pink pillow is clean.
a soft cushion for one’s head in bed, usually filled with feathers, cotton, or other material * Why do people decorate their beds with so many pillows? I only need one to sleep on.
Tatoeba: Where pillow fights can't even measure up to sentence fights.
Leading a fulfilling life really comes down to a simple question: When you turn off the lights at night and your head is on the pillow, what do you hear? Your soul singing or Satan laughing?
Junk bond dealers left the market riding on a pillow of air.
I had a lot of pillow fights during my school trip.
An ideal pillow is available from a mail-order house.
Using a doubled-up cushion in place of a pillow I lie down on the hard wooden floor with nothing but a carpet spread over it.
She put the pillow on the floor because it was too uncomfortable to sleep on.
Oh, we had another fight over the inflatable bath pillow.
I need two pillows to sleep comfortably.
pillow case
Why we might be victims of these career crises, as we're weeping softly into our pillows
My pillow is so soft!

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2. cushion cushion

She decorated the sofa with some cushions.
No practical joker should be without a whoopee cushion.
I need a cushion. This chair is so uncomfortable.
There, nestled among the cushions, the puppies were sound asleep!
The old woman was snugly sitting on a cushion.
The cushions are beautiful.
I bought some cushions to make my sofa look prettier and have something to lean on when watching a film.
Have you got many cushions in your bedroom?
He adjusted the cushion he was sitting on
I sat on a cushion.
few colorful cushions
My cat has destroyed my cushions, so I'll have to buy new.
Don't forget to take you cushion.
There are a lot of cushions on my sofa for decoration.
Using a doubled-up cushion in place of a pillow I lie down on the hard wooden floor with nothing but a carpet spread over it.

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3. cushion's cushion's

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