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poruszony Englisch:

1. agitated

She became increasingly agitated as the interview proceeded.
Amanda was getting visibly agitated
I feel tense and agitated when I have too much work to do.
She became more and more agitated when her son did not appear.
Calm down! Don't get so agitated.
The thought of questioning Toby agitated him extremely.
Gordon became visibly agitated when asked about the minimum wage issue. Many times the private hospitals transfer their terribly aggressive, agitated patients to us because they cannot handle them.
Ever since she broke up with her boyfriend she is very agitated.
She was agitated by the news of her lover's death.
The leaders of the Union agitated for higher wages.
A sudden wind agitated the surface of the pond.
He was agitated by the news.
She became agitated about her son's safety.

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2. moved

A long time ago, most people lived in groups that moved around as the seasons changed.
After I graduated from college, I moved back home and lived with my parents for three years.
Peace-keeping troops moved in to restore calm after the battle.
I'm moved
I don't understand why they moved the soft sign in the Ukrainian alphabet; it seemed much more logical for me when it came at the end.
When I moved to the United States four years ago, I had problems adapting to a new language and culture.
The old gypsy moved her hand over the crystal ball and, peering inside, beheld my future.
Johnny moved to Spain just a few months ago, so he isn't used to speaking Spanish as yet.
The boy's fingers moved in this pockets. Then he replied, "Eleven."
A few days ago, my girlfriend Sophie moved from Edmonton, Alberta to Victoria, British Columbia.
They found out it was way the very same house, so they went to the Movers to see if the little House could be moved.
However, 2007, this holiday moved to May 4th, while April 29th became the memorial day of Showa called "Showa no Hi".
When I moved into my new home, I just brought with me the things that I needed for cooking, an earthen rice cooker, an earthenware pot and an earthen charcoal brazier.
When a coil is moved near to a wire with current flowing in it current flows in the coil as well.
A cellar was dug on top of the hill and they slowly moved the house from the road to the hill.

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