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1. job job

Good job!
After the hatchet job my boss did on my proposal, I'm not sure how long I want to keep on working here.
I'm stuck in a rut in my boring job and need to do something new.
Tom gave up his teaching job to become a full-time studio musician.
Pick a job that you enjoy and working will seem easy.
You never can tell what kind of job you might find.
We're giving you more money because you did a great job.
Tom was hard up for money and said he would take any job he was offered.
The job looked quite simple, but it took me a week.
I would quit before I would do that job in this company.
Job security became a major worry.
My job will only last two years at most.
That's a job of your own choosing, isn't it?
It's still too hard to find a job. And even if you have a job, chances are you're having a tougher time paying the rising costs of everything from groceries to gas.
The year after I graduated from college, I was finally able to find a job.

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2. work work

The radio doesn't work.
Mother Teresa used the prize money for her work in India and around the world.
After tying up loose ends on the house, the carpenter gave the painter approval to begin work.
I always work alone. I'm just not a team player.
Computers are capable of doing very complicated work in a split second.
Japanese office workers work very hard.
If you want to sound like a native speaker, it'll take a lot of work.
Exhausted from a day's work, he went to bed much earlier than usual.
I was beaten up by a gang of hoodlums on the way home from work.
People who regularly work in the open air do not suffer from sleeplessness.
After a hard day's work, a man can do with a good, hot meal.
I wonder if Tom has ever considered cycling to work.
Tom brings his children with him to work once or twice a year.
The committee stayed up late last night trying to work out measures that would please everyone.
It was bad enough that he usually came to work late, but coming in drunk was the last straw, and I'm going to have to let him go.

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3. labour labour

We need more information about the labour market.
"Capital and labour must be able to speak to one another again on an equal footing. "
She's in labour.
Distrust of the Social Insurance Agency and the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare just keeps getting stronger.
Argument continues about the "White collar exemption" that exempts specific white collar workers from the "8 hours in 1 day, 40 hours a week," working hours fixed by the Labour Standards Act.
The sexes differ, not only in stature and muscular force, but perhaps even more decisively in temperament, and this must early have given rise to a corresponding division of labour.
Such employments as warfare, politics, public worship, and public merrymaking, are felt, in the popular apprehension, to differ intrinsically from the labour that has to do with elaborating the material means of life.
Hanson is wrong when he states international economic developments led to great migrations of labour in the seventeenth century.
We all labour against our own cure; for death is the cure of all disease.
We are indirectly dependent upon the labour of others for all the necessities and comforts of our lives.
The reformed Labour Standards Act will be in force from Jan 1st 2004.
We have to strengthen Europe with a European skilled labour force.
minimum wage = the least a worker receives in payment for their labour
Surpassing labour intensive, capital intensive, the age has shifted greatly to knowledge intensive.

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4. employment employment

He is seeking employment.
They guaranteed regular employment to their workers.
In Japan, employment opportunities are significantly lower for women than they are for men.
high unemployment
The government introduced new employment laws.
full-time, temporary employment
The master plan includes programs to provide employment as well as recreation.
Employment continued to lag.
Workers are taking a financial beating in the employment crisis.
Unfortunately, full employment can no longer be taken for granted.
I will make an application to that firm for employment.
It is certain that one important criterion for employment is having 'leadership'.
The employment of new solutions resulted in higher income.
The law prevented the employment of children under ten.
Everyone has the right to work, to free choice of employment, to just and favourable conditions of work and to protection against unemployment.

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5. working working

I continued working.
A working man should be paid in proportion to his skill, not his age.
Recently, the number of foreigners working or studying in Japan has increased.
The loneliness and drabness of working away from people are fatal to his best effort.
The man in charge of the merry-go-round decided to make sure everything was working properly.
Many families now have two breadwinners with both husbands and wives working.
The Tatoeba Project, which can be found online at tatoeba.org, is working on creating a large database of example sentences translated into many languages.
Twenty-five years from now there will be one retired person for each two working.
We hope you will understand the difficult circumstances we're working under.
By signing the contract, I committed myself to working there for another five years.
On Friday evenings, a group of us with spouses working overseas meet at Chuck's Bar and Grill.
I thought doing this would be easy, but we've been working all day and we're still not finished.
The patient's lung tissue was damaged from years of working in a coal mine.
After the hatchet job my boss did on my proposal, I'm not sure how long I want to keep on working here.
He had gone there to help garbage workers strike peacefully for better pay and working conditions.

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6. work of work of

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7. toiling toiling

I've been toiling away in the kitchen all afternoon.

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