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przodek Englisch:

1. ancestor

There were portraits of his ancestors on the walls of the room.
My ancestors came from Ireland. I can trace my family history back 300 years.
A hundred years ago, an ancestor of mine was a Christian monk.
During O-bon, Japanese people believe they receive a visit from an ancestor.
His ancestors were Polish.
Apparently his ancestors came over from France.
to worship ancestors
He was looking for the family name of his ancestors.
we are our ancestors descendants (potomek)
My ancestors settled in this country a hundred years ago.
My ancestors are all from Suffolk.
His ancestors had come to America from Ireland.
I'd like to know my ancestors, therefore, I started to prepare my family tree.
My ancestors from my mother’s family lived in France.
English and German share a common ancestor.

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2. forefather

Do you know your forefather?

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3. forebear

She couldn’t forebear a smile
You, the children of Abraham, have made a peace worthy of your great forebear.

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