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1. accelerate accelerate

The driving instructor told me to accelerate, but I was too confused to do so.
The train is accelerate.
It is of great significance in this experiment to accelerate the particle M in the horizontal direction.
Cooling accelerates the production of plastic items. Good cooling shortens the cycle dramatically.
accelerate the process
inflation continues to accelerate
They use special chemicals to accelerate the growth of crops.
This reaction needs time, you cannot accelerate it.
If you push the gas pedal, your car will accelerate immediately. Be careful on the driving license exam...:D
The driver accelerated too much and nearly hit a van heading towards him.
At one point, I accelerated when I should have braked, so instead of stopping, the car just went faster.
The pilot accelerated to pick up speed for take off.
Acid rain accelerates weathering in carbonate rocks and building weathering.
As technologies accelerate, providing ever more sophisticated consumer electronics
In 2011, Toyota recalled two million vehicles which, they alleged, had gas pedals that could jam and cause the car to accelerate uncontrollably.

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2. speed up speed up

We are behind schedule, we need to speed up.
Don't speed up! You're the scariest driver I've ever met!

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3. quicken

His breathing quickened.
Somewhere in the book you will find an idea that will quicken your receptive powers, and place at your command, for your own benefit, this same irresistible power.

4. to expedite

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5. to precipitate

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