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1. put on weight put on weight

What kind of diet would you need to go on in order to put on weight?
After the age of forty, a lot of people start to put on weight.
I don't want to put on weight.
If you eat lots of sweets, you'll put on weight.
It's normal to put on weight as you get older.
I put on weight two kilograms every year
You should put on weight, because you're too thin.
The packet said it could make you put on weight.
My biggest fear is to put on weight and not being able to lose it.

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2. gain weight

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3. put on

They put on activities or meetings every night of the week.
When I stopped running I put on 8 kilos.
put on glasses
It's bedtime. Go and put on your pyjamas.
Just remove everything and put on the gown. / 2. So put on something nice and be on time for a change.
My son can put on socks.
Some people will put on a smile and pretend to be friendly.
You should put on the electric oven for 15 minutes to warm it up.
They put on heavy jackets, woollen caps, gloves and scarves and went for long walks.
I don't see why you have to put on a phoney English accent.
When i come back from work i always put on my tracksuit
You should put on this beautiful dress I bought you last Monday.
increase in (weight)/Ha put on weight.
put on more speed; put the emergency brake on
Don’t forget to put on a cap, it’s cold outside.

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4. get fat

If you eat burgers every day, you'll get fat.

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