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psycholog Englisch:

1. psychologist

The prominent psychologist resembles my uncle in appearance.
It is difficult to be a psychologist.
Clinical psychologists aim to improve the psychological well-being of their clients.
A psychologist studies the mind.
I made an appointment with the school psychologist.
My friend is a famous psychologist in Cracow.
She's having therapy with a psychologist
To my surprise, the noted psychologist was accused of a kidnapping.
Dr. Patterson, a psychologist, has tested Koko's IQ.
Visualization, a favorite tool of the psychologist, cannot solve all problems, but many so-called positive thinkers seem to think that it can.

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2. counsellor

Educational counsellors at schools help pupils make informed career choices.
We argue too much. I think weeed to see a counsellor.
Talking to a counsellor helped her enormously.

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3. shrink

If you wish to get on in the world, you must not shrink from effort.
Will this sweater shrink when washed?
Your ​sweater will shrink if you ​wash it at too high a ​temperature
Jeans shrink a little in the wash.
You know, it's funny. When my parents got divorced, they sent me to this shrink
To tell the truth these shrinks need us more than we need them.
My new blouse shrank after I washed it in cold water. shrink shrank shrunk
Families have been shrinking since the 1970s.
A 2005 Survey of 442 glaciers from the World Glacier Monitoring Service found that 90 percent of the world's glaciers are shrinking as the planet warms.
you should see a shrink

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