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róg Englisch:

1. horn horn

Tom played an old Irish song on his new French horn.
The truck driver used his horn to warn the cyclists he was coming up behind them.
Goats have two horns.
Tom spent a lot of time trying to learn how to play the French horn.
Nobody likes him, because he is always blowing his own horn.
To blow a horn.
I bet you'd never heard of a Stroh violin before Tom Waits dug it back up! Anyway, it used a large metal horn as its resonator instead of a wooden box so it could be picked up better by recording equipment before the late 1920s.
The Van Horn family was rich.
The train slowed and blared its horn as it approached the railway crossing.
The realisation that natural materials like ivory, horn, and tortoiseshell were becoming scarce because of over-exploitation prompted chemists to search for a synthetic alternative.
What a horn! This guy can dry laundry on it.
I don't like the look of the horns on that big goat!
The driver behind me kept sounding his horn.
Definition a horn is a device that makes a loud noise as a warning, for example in a car
She therefore came up on this side, opened her own window and tapped her horn lightly to draw attention to the fact that she was there.

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2. corner corner

at the corner
I cornered our boss at the function last night and told him that many staff were unhappy about the new working hours.
When I'm home and I'm going to the corner drugstore to pick up some shampoo, why do you always tell me to be careful how I cross the street?
She lifted one corner of the napkin which covered her basket and let me have a quick look.
Evening come, since you were slightly tired, you wished to sit in front of a new Café located on the corner of a new boulevard, still full of gravel and already showing its unfinished splendors.
Would you do me a favor by moving that chair over to the corner so that I can sweep the floor?
Christopher Columbus once sacrificed the corner of his hat to an Aztec god, bringing about years of prosperity to that god's village.
His attackers cornered him in a dark alley
Once the police had cornered her in the basement, she gave herself up.
I won't wait for you for any more than ten minutes in the corner at eight. You have to be punctual.
I thought I had him in a corner, but then he pulled an unexpected move and completely turned the tables on me.
There's only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self.
Now Marina was a romantic, she had not yet fallen into that passive state of mind which accepts that one should find a corner to live, anywhere, and then arrange one's whole life around it.
Comfort can spoil you. Once in a while, it can do you good to corner yourself.
One of the perks of my promotion is a chic, corner office with a great view of the skyline.

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3. corner of corner of

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