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referencje Englisch:

1. references references

Please give us three references.
She made references to World War II in her speech.
We need two references from your employers.
We have checked your references, sir.
Some books are hard to read because they are full of references to other books.
I will request references about you.

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2. testimonials

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3. job reference

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4. credentials

Very impressive credentials for one year.
his credentials are really impressive
He has good credentials as a conductor.
your credentials dont have to be entirely up to scratch
Would you like to see my credentials?)
is MRU MBD is your credentials in HR?
recruitment is based mainly on academic credentials
All the candidates had excellent academic credentials.
Here are my credentials from my previous work.
We check the credentials of our employees with a simple test.
The Cockney mode of speech, with its unpleasant twang, is a modern corruption without legitimate credentials, and is unworthy of being the speech of any person in the capital city of the Empire.

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5. referees

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