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1. book book

Are these books interesting?
I booked two tickets to Dublin.
This book, which was once a best seller, is now out of print.
They have demanded that all copies of the book be destroyed.
His comments about the book were favorable.
Thanks to your help, I could understand the book quite well.
Let me have a look at that book of Tom's.
I expect you can tell from the quoted text, but this is a book written in a colloquial style.
Will it be necessary for us to buy a book for this class?
I bought an English book, but the book was hard to understand.
A book not worth reading is not worth buying in the first place.
My book has to be somewhere in the room.
As far as I know, your letter is under that book.
If I read this book once more, I shall have read it three times.
When will your book be published?

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2. make a reservation make a reservation

When did you make a reservation?
I'd like to make a reservation for 20th April.

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3. reserve reserve

The Federal Reserve slashed interest rates.
If you want to eat at Raffle's, you must reserve weeks ahead.
My father said he would reserve a day to take me to the zoo.
If you wish us to reserve an alternative room, please let us know immediately.
We should hold some of food in reserve.
It took a long time to break down her reserve and get her to relax.
Reserve a seat in advance.
The Federal Reserve cut its benchmark discount rate to an 18-year low.
As the attendees of the DTA General Meeting will be offered the block rate, when you reserve Marriott Hotel for me, please notify them that I will attend it.
If you can do it on your own, do it without reserve.
He was an amiable fellow, but had a certain reserve that he would not let you casually trespass upon.
He seems to have much in reserve.
Can I call "Chargeit" and reserve?
I would appreciate it if you could reserve a room at a convenient location for visiting your office.
Can I reserve a bottle and have you keep it here for me?

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4. booking booking

Can I make a booking for Friday?
I need to change my booking.
I made the booking two weeks ago.
When booking flights, I decided the easiest way would be to fly to Beijing first, then get the train to complete my journey.

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5. book up book up

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