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rozkazywać Englisch:

1. order order

Check your order.
His claim is that there is a close relation between birth order and personality.
Let's order the all-you-can-eat special.
No matter what you do, you must follow the correct order.
Sir, that CD is available only by special order.
If your prices are competitive, we will place a large order.
Prosecutors in court have to substantiate their claims in order to prove a suspect is guilty.
In order to make a phone call, I put my hand in my pocket and searched for a coin.
We will ship the product immediately after receiving your order.
Her sewing basket, dresser drawers and pantry shelves are all systematically arranged in apple-pie order.
They confirmed the importance of strengthening global precautions in order to prevent devastating losses.
Your initial order is subject to a special discount of 5%.
In preparation for painting a portrait, my friend takes many photographs in order to study the subject closely.
In order to get some information about Japanese economic problems, you'll find this book very useful.
After decades of civil war, order was restored.

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2. command command

We are under his command.
The military has a very strict chain of command.
Want me to show you a really useful hidden command?
Japanese children brought up overseas sometimes face great difficulty in adjusting themselves to Japanese schools after returning, even though they have a perfect command of Japanese.
Linux experts are able to use the command line.
If you use the quit command noted below, you can make the application exit.
The command of communication skills in multiple languages is essential to any company providing goods and services on the world market.
Is this your command?
Don't command me!
a commanding officer/ it's unlikely they'll obey your commands
Years later, she still thinks about that command.
The low demand command decreasing of prices
Have a good command of English? Fully operational command of the language: appropriate, accurate and fluent with complete understanding.
control and authority over a group of people. I now have fifty soldiers under my command.
My house, located on a hill, command a fine view.

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3. ordered

He ordered a beer.
President Jefferson ordered a ban on trade with Europe.
I liked the book so much I ordered ten copies for friends.
A stay of execution was ordered at the eleventh hour.
The court found him guilty and ordered him shot.
The goods ordered from England last month have not arrived yet.
Prove that P is a partially ordered set.
His flawlessly ordered life collapsed when his drug-addict brothers appeared.
When children are ordered to do a certain thing by such adult standards, they frequently refuse to follow the instructions for no other reason than that they have been told to do so.
Christopher Columbus once saw a UFO, and ordered his men to fire his ship's cannons at it.
Christopher Columbus once walked into a McDonald's and ordered a Happy Meal. It did not make him happy, but he liked the toy.
A totally ordered set is often called a "chain".
What's more she went and ordered a top up of noodles twice.
He was ordered, by his superior, to write up a proposal for a new product before the day is out.
The boy, upon seeing a butterfly, proceeded to run after it, provoking the anger of his mother, who had ordered him to stay quiet while she gossiped with the lady next door.

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4. command sb to do

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