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1. old age old age

Loneliness affects many people in old age’
Because more people are healthy throughout their old age, the retirement age should be 75 or older.

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2. senility

Not again. You and your senility.
But there are other kinds of senility which even our obsessive scientific concern with the problems of ageing has still been unable to alleviate.
Doc, I think I'm getting senile. General times lately, I have forgotten to zip up. That's nor senility, replied the doctor. Senility is when you forget to zip down.
My boss is becoming increasingly affected by senility

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3. senescence

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4. oldness

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5. age

Act your age.
Singer and actress Selena Gomez started her career at age seven on the children's public television show "Barney and Friends."
Tom lied about his age, so Mary thought he was much older than he really was.
Roger Miller entered the United States Army at the age of seventeen. He was sent to an army base near Atlanta, Georgia.
As humans age, their physical strength declines.
Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen.
I love looking at everyone's colorful kimonos on Coming of Age Day.
Carbon dating was performed on the sample to determine its age.
Louis Braille, who was blind from the age of three, invented a way for the blind to read.
A working man should be paid in proportion to his skill, not his age.
Old age creeps upon us unnoticed.
I never for a moment imagined that I would still be doing this kind of thing at my age.
Can a child of her age distinguish good from bad?
Life would be infinitely happier if we could only be born at the age of eighty and gradually approach eighteen.
At the age of six he had learned to use the typewriter and told the teacher that he did not need to learn to write by hand.

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