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staromodny Englisch:

1. old fashioned old fashioned

They enjoyed an old fashioned British meal of fish and chips.

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2. vintage vintage

Wendy really loved her vintage dress - it made her feel like she was living in the 1920s.
This store sells vintage jewelry.
She bought a bottle of vintage champagne.
1999 was not a vintage year fır the movies
Ellen was shopping at a thrift store last week and she found an amazing vintage Chanel jacket.
You can find cool vintage clothes in second-hand shops.
The museum had a display of vintage clothes from the 1920s.
1987 was an excellent vintage.
vintage clothes
I like vintage furniture.
Dropboxes are often handy, but Imogen of the Internet still emails things to herself because (and I quote) "it's vintage."

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3. corny corny

the corny dialogues
It was going to be a corny line, but some things you had to know.
I know it sounds corny, but it really was love at first sight!
What is the corny characteristic of comedian?
I don't like love stories. They are too corny.
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4. behind the times

I don't like these new smartphones. I may be a bit behind the times but I do miss my old phone.
Of course grandpa doesn't have a cell phone—he's behind the times, as usual.

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5. old fashion

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