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tradycyjny Englisch:

1. traditional

I like traditional food
It's said to be a girls' high school characterised by its quiet and traditional feel and a chic, high-class uniform.
Still others are traders who have always lived by trading and continue to follow their traditional ways.
This e-zine is for those who, unswayed by the cajolery of the modern language industry, firmly trust that the traditional learning method of grammatical analysis is the way to go.
Slotted spoons have a particular role in the traditional absinthe ritual. They are used to hold a sugar cube over a glass as one dissolves it into her drink with cold water.
In China, there is a large number of characters, so the goal of the character simplification was to replace the complex traditional characters with easy to remember simplified characters and increase the literacy rate.
A qipao in the traditional style is made entirely by hand and requires labour-intensive manual tailoring techniques to enhance and exhibit every unique female form.
I prefer traditional characters. Due to the abundance of reading materials in simplified characters, I can recognize many of them too.
Slender and form-fitting with a high cut, the new qipao contrasted sharply with the traditional one.
It is regrettable that young Japanese today should show little interest in the traditional culture of their country.
This implies a fun and relaxed working atmosphere where team achievement is highly valued, communication is extremely important and traditional 3-hour meetings have been replaced by informal chats in the queue for coffee.
When we think of the traditional roles of men and women in society, we think of husbands supporting the family, and wives taking care of the house and children.
Edinburgh already offers a busy and traditional city experience, with many historic buildings and tourist attractions.
The traditional way of learning a language may satisfy at most one's sense of duty, but it can hardly serve as a source of joy. Nor will it likely be successful.

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2. conventional

I practise alternative medicine instead of conventional one.
They are conventional in their judgement.
conventional people/opinions/ideas
On the other hand, progress comes from changing the conventional way of looking at things.
His invention is superior to conventional equipment.
Internet connections through conventional phone lines are fairly slow.
The news interview under investigation follows the conventional pattern of the turn-taking system, which consists of answers following questions.
There must be a conventional procedure having a conventional effect.
Do some of them say you should lead more conventional lives?
conventional standards
I realized that a conventional office job just wasn’t for me.
Fans of pop music tend to be quite conventional.
They have a very conventional family. The dad goes out to work, and the mum stays home and cares for the children.
things or ideas that are conventional are usual and normal, and not new or original
Conventional people are roused to fury by departures from convention, largely because they regard such departures as a criticism of themselves.

3. classical

The last time I read classical Japanese literature was in high school.
I'm very interested in classical literature.
As is often the case with educated people, he likes classical music better than jazz.
classical music
I expected more classical features, but hers is a beauty that would do well even in this age.
As π is transcendental, the quadrature of a circle - a classical problem in geometry - is impossible.
To tell the truth, I don't like classical music. On the other hand, Molly is really into it.
This video is of interest to anyone who likes classical music and the cello in particular.
Talking of classical music, who is your favorite composer?
At the atomic scale we observe quantum mechanical effects that can not be explained by classical mechanics.
This poses an interesting problem for classical theories of physics.
I like all kinds of music but I'm most fond of classical.
She likes classical composers such as Beethoven and Bach.
The fundamental principles of classical mechanics were laid down by Galileo and Newton in the 16th and 17th centuries.
She can play all kinds of instruments, classical or folk.

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