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uzyskać Englisch:

1. obtain obtain

Her husband, having failed to obtain promotion, retired at the age of 55.
obtain permission
Scotland has set itself on a course to obtain independence from London.
As shown above, it is possible to obtain ample profit and customers with truly simple know-how that anyone can do!
He has such foreign books as you can't obtain in Japan.
They must then go through a landing examination conducted by inspection officers before they can obtain landing permission.
If this does not obtain, we cannot say that the function is monotone increasing.
Further investigation will offer many opportunities to obtain more valuable knowledge of the ocean.
Don't obtain wealth at the expense of your conscience.
If we don't obtain an adequate knowledge of their culture, a lot of problems could easily arise.
If the sentence is in the database, we'll obtain at once the translated version.
Officers are permitted to obtain otherwise confidential information if they believe a criminal offence has taken place.
We are going to try to obtain a statement where we recommend the government changes to the penal code
At a time of crisis it is especially important to make credits easier to obtain
You will need to use this opportunity to start you investigation and obtain as much information from your client as possible.

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2. elicit

Tom tried to elicit a response from Mary.
1. He spoke for a long time, trying to elicit some comment or response from Hanuman. 2. Phone calls elicited no further information 3. certain personality traits elicit negative feedback and even punishment from others
They invariably elicit exclamations of approval from guests
Makes associations between behaviors as cues and an elicited response, such as expecting to be held or fed if crying.
I also have a degree of understanding for the very emotional responses which such matters sometimes elicit.
The test uses pictures to elicit words from the child. (elicit something from somebody)
I must send an email to Roche to have access to elicit data from their storage
You have to ask the right questions to elicit the information you want.
An example of elicit is to get a confession from a suspect.
If you ask good questions and you elicit thoughtful answers then you learn more about the person.
elicit get or produce something, for example, a reaction
In elderly patients an increase in dosing should be done under close supervision to elicit a satisfactory and safe response.
Her tears elicited great sympathy from her audience.
elicit a fuller, longer reply
When her knock elicited no response, she opened the door and peeped in.

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3. gain

It took some 150 years of struggling for women to gain the freedom they have today.
By next summer I will have lost the kilograms that I gained during winter.
gain experience
In order to gain media recognition, sometimes AIDS patients have to push themselves into the public eye.
Human society is a function of all humanity, those who profit most from it should pay the most for the benefit they gain, of course being greedy, they just want more.
By reading books and discussing concepts, a person can gain wisdom and tolerance of differing ideas.
There appeared at this time a lady at Court, who drew the eyes of the whole world; and one may imagine she was a perfect beauty, to gain admiration in a place where there were so many fine women.
No matter how much you try, you don't lose even a kilo. You might even gain a little weight. This is the diet plateau.
According to Tom, Mary is just a predatory guru who promises gain.
Why don't you mind your own business? What do you gain by sticking your nose into other people's affairs?
Then he turned to the prisoner and said in a slow, threatening voice, What did you hope to gain by giving me a false name and address?
Side effects of the drugs may include tiredness, headaches, or weight gain.
It represents a gain for Europe's businesses as well as its people.
Summon Voidling is a passive ability that gains a charge every time Malzahar uses a champion ablity.
What are the potential gains from expanding the company? There were obvious gains for senior citizens. During the course, he gained an understanding of international finance.

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4. come by

good relationships are hard to come by.
Where did you come by this old paiting in the livingroom?
Come by whenever you wish. / I'll come by after work and see if you need any help. / How did you come by that Rolex?

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5. to achieve

to achieve a success
Together we have been able to achieve a great deal.
to achieve good results

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6. obtaining

By obtaining advanced technology from Japan, those countries also plan to provide people with a technical education.
Causing competitors to fail, obtaining confidential information, something that big business just can't do without - high risk but at the same time high return work.

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7. extract

lemon extract
Confessions extracted under torture cannot be taken into consideration in a fair justice system.
alook at the underlined words in the following extracts.
It's the reader that determines whether they extract pleasure from reading.
Extract an essence from the bark of a tree.
She extracted this information out of me.
dentist extracted my wisdom tooth
It's a method of extracting sulphur from copper ore.
Read this extract of the text and then answer the questions below it
Earlier, Martin Schulz quoted an extract from one of these hollow declarations by the G20.
You have extracted some eggs from the webs in which they were wrapped.
A pivot table allows you to extract the significance from a large, detailed data set.
We have six hours left in which to extract the information.
The energy extracted from the water depends on the volume and on the difference in height between the source and the water's outflow.
You must love the crust of the earth on which you dwell more than the sweet crust of any bread or cake; you must be able to extract nutriment out of a sand heap.

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8. take out

I never take out more than £50 at a cash machine.
Please could you take out the rubbish? I did it yesterday.
Wait, I must take out the ticket from my bag.
take out your books, please.
1. Any trouble, take out a cigarette. / 2. Children, open your sketchbooks and take out your pencils. / Now take it out and put it on the seat.
1. Any trouble, take out a cigarette. / 2. Children, open your sketchbooks and take out your pencils.
I took the cake out of the oven. I decided to take out two paragraphs from my text.
to make a financial or legal arrangement with a bank, company, law court etc. to get money from your bank account [= withdraw]: How much would you like to take out?
take out the garbage
I take out 200 from the cash machine.
take out chip
I had to take out a loan to pay back the money I had borrowed from my sister.
Use this spray to take out the stain.
Is that to eat here or take out?
Do you have to fill in many forms before you can take out a mortgage?

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9. to reach

I'm too short to reach the top shelf.
I'm to short to reach that shelf.
to reach a consensus
I think it is more difficult to reach Europe in a boat
This gypsy man from image want to reach yours wallet.
Bob works hard to reach his goal.
1. I'm too short to reach the top shelf. / 2. Or something else may reach her. / 3. We wait until they reach the hill.

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10. realize

Sometimes, if I look at a forest of trees, I get in a trance and don't even realize until minutes later.
People often lie about what they did on the weekend, so their friends won't realize how boring they really are.
I realize I may not be the most desirable man in the world, but I still hope you'll consider going out with me.
I realize that this may sound crazy, but I think I've fallen in love with your younger sister.
Could you move over a little? "Oh, sorry. I didn't realize I was taking up so much space."
Do you realize that
A four-year-old American tourist was disappointed to realize that, in fact, the Sichuan province is not entirely made of spicy beef, in spite of its famously piquant cuisine.
I have come to realize that China is developing quickly but the Chinese people live a relatively leisurely life.
The parallel with English becomes even more striking when we realize that Latin continued to be used for many hundreds of years more as the world's first "international language."
After six months in China, you will realize that you regret not accepting that pizza before you left.
And besides, Dima made sure to add, taking out his calculator and dividing 0.99 by 3,000,000, before multiplying by 100. "You do realize that you would only lose 0.0033%, right?"
The next morning, Dima got out of the dumpster, but only to realize that all of his clothes now smelled like garbage.
Often we don’t realize that we may be doing or saying something impolite when we’re in a foreign culture.
I didn't realize how unhappy she was. Some people just don't seem to realize that the world has changed

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11. receive

You will receive a confirmation email after your account has been activated by an administrator.
receive a gift
Partly because he could not receive enough information, Harper's description remains imperfect.
According to the vice president, the company has yet to receive a contract from a foreign company.
The number of muffins that you'll receive will be inversely proportional to the number of times you talk on IRC.
It is always possible to bind together a considerable number of people in love, so long as there are other people left over to receive manifestations of their aggressiveness.
All of these abilities are passed on to us by genetic transmission; we receive them by way of the genes that we inherit from our parents.
Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.
And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet.
In America elderly people are not given the same degree of respect they receive in many other countries.
During O-bon, Japanese people believe they receive a visit from an ancestor.
If you don't want to attend classes in the seminar on the topic "Fighting Corruption Inside the Enterprise", you can just pay 200 hryven' and receive the certificate.
In some situations, we would never receive criticism about our appearance, such as clothing or hair.
Occasionally, he receives letters from fans. His first book was not well received (= people did not like it).
I recently received notification from doctor that you wish to have copies of your records.