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1. wedding reception wedding reception

Their wedding reception was beautiful.
splendid wedding reception
We would like to invite you to our wedding reception.
Price William and Kate Middeleton's wedding reception was held at Buckingham Palace
The wedding will be held at St Martin's Church and the wedding reception at the Crathorne Hotel.

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2. wedding wedding

Their wedding is tomorrow.
Food and drink were served in such profusion at the wedding that the bride and groom began to wonder if they should not have invited more guests.
All the other little rabbits came out to see how happy they both were, and they danced in a wedding circle around the little black rabbit and little white rabbit.
Recently I attended the wedding of a Chinese friend. The bride and groom had been classmates at university, and both graduated from the Chinese faculty. They've already been together for five years.
If I'm going to have a wedding ceremony, I want it to be the best ever so I have no regrets!
Well the son of that shop's family, seems it's come about that he's to have a shot-gun wedding with a local girl.
About the wedding ... It's a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be the main attraction, so instead of doing it on a shoestring, why not pull out all the stops and make a great show of it?
Just before the wedding, the drunken father shouted at the groom: "I won't hand out my daughter to some stranger!"
And to the people whose married life is not going well, let's remember the marriage covenant sworn solemnly before God at the wedding ceremony.
Everyone listened and was very happy, thinking this wedding was both original and meaningful.
It seems as it was a shot-gun wedding so they're having a quiet wedding with only family and a couple of friends from university invited.
The other animals of the forest came to watch the wedding dance, and they, too, danced all night in the moonlight.
After his wedding, Alain left his small, moldy apartment and led an extravagant life.
Our teacher also said that her wedding wouldn't be the same as other people's; we asked how it would be different, but she didn't say.
At an Indian wedding at the Phillipine islands the bride retired from the company in order to go down to the river to wash her feet. As she was thus employed an alligator seized her.

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3. reception reception

A reception was given for the Japanese foreign minister.
I received a friendly and warm reception from the hosts.
She made a wonderful speech at her friend's wedding reception.
He introduced me to his relatives at the reception.
Jack walked out of the café to get better reception.
The reception is really poor and I can’t hear what you’re saying.
wedding reception
Please give your name to reception when you arrive.
We drew lots to decide who would go first at the early morning reception desk.
to leave a message with the receptionist/with reception
Sorry I didn't call ‐ there was no mobile phone reception on the underground.
Samuel and Nancy's ceremony took place in a lovely country church and the reception lasted two days and nights.
Bad reception, sorry. Hold on.
I don't think I have much reception here.
You ought to have come to my wedding reception earlier.

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4. wedding party wedding party

I will remember her wedding party till the end of my life.

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5. wedding ceremony wedding ceremony

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