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widelec Englisch:

1. fork fork

There is a fork missing.
Tom mistakenly ate his entree with his salad fork.
The small fork is for your salad, and the large one is for the main course.
Many people use a fork for cutting and eating food.
I used fork
Stick a fork in the turkey to check if it's done.
The fork made its way to Western tables several hundred years later, but it was not immediately accepted.
We came to a fork in the road and had no idea which direction to go.
Chinese food was served in small portions which did not require cutting with a knife or fork.
Although the fork entered society on the tables of rich people, many members of royalty, such as Elizabeth I of England and Louis XIV of France, ate with their fingers.
It is characteristic of the fork ball, one of baseball's change-ups, that a ball that flew straight will drop suddenly just before the batter.
Most people who eat with a fork live in Europe, North America, and South America; people who eat with chop sticks live in Africa, the Near East, Indonesia, and India.
Use a fork instead of your fingers.
I can’t use chopsticks. Have you got a fork?
The correct setting for silverware is the fork on the left side of the plate and on the right side the knife then the spoon.

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