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wszędzie Englisch:

1. everywhere

We found trouble everywhere.
Tom couldn't find Mary even though he said he looked just about everywhere.
He risked his life to carry out his duty and inspired police officers everywhere.
Stop using emoticons everywhere. It makes it look like you're on ecstasy...
Then, although it was dreary up to the other day, everywhere were flowers, flowers, flowers.
Again, we can see this approach as deriving from Matthew Arnold's idea that everywhere there is connection.
For we have learned from recent experience that when a financial system weakens in one country, prosperity is hurt everywhere.
When I first came to Beijing, I loved to stroll everywhere, but Beijing was not like what I had imagined.
They say that God is everywhere, and yet we always think of Him as somewhat of a recluse.
Insurance companies everywhere are facing hard times and have become even more tight fisted about payouts.
Ursula and Chelsea are battling over the boy they both have a crush on. Judging from the blood and teeth everywhere, this seems to be more of a matter of power than love.
Lack of originality, everywhere, all over the world, from time immemorial, has always been considered the foremost quality and the recommendation of the active, efficient and practical man...
Troubles are everywhere; in front of you, on your left, on your right. You can't escape.

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2. all over

all over the world
Our stuff is all over the place. -Food production all over Europe is an industry no different from that of light bulbs or toilet bowls.
all over the world / from all over the world
There are mistakes all over your essay.

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3. high and low

I’ve searched for the keys high and low and couldn’t find them.
I looked for my documents high and low and they seem to have got lost for good. What should I do now?
I searched high and low for my glasses but I couldn‘t find them anywhere.
We've searched high and low for this book.

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4. far and wide

People came from far and wide to visit the shop.
But the park is known far and wide for its dog run.

5. all around

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6. all over the place

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