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1. remunerated remunerated

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2. consideration consideration

Don't lump all these issues together. You need to give every single one careful consideration.
valid consideration
If you're placed in a position of authority, it is imperative that you take into consideration that point, if even just a little ...
Out of consideration to the pig farming industry the name 'pig influenza' has been changed into 'influenza A(H1N1)'.
Before embarking on this type of therapy, the wishes of the patient herself must be carefully taken into consideration.
Waiting for too long for a late guest is a lack of consideration towards those guests who are present.
The massacre in Norway and the recent rebellion and the booty in England, are dreadful in consideration of the circumstances that the world drifted into.
As a result, it is undeniable that important disciplines and moral education have been neglected. By placing excessive importance on scholastic achievement, many parents have forgotten such basic social courtesies as consideration for others.
In other words, the merits, etc. of making detours are the consideration of the attitudes of the landowners whose property the line would cross, the convenience of other towns and villages, as well as connection with other railway lines.
I'm not a Muslim and so I have no obligation to observe the fast but as long as I'm living in the same apartment having consideration for such a custom is important.
This block of apartments is a building that takes both the environment and health into consideration. From now on we want to further expand this system and knowhow.
Taking all into consideration I gather that tests created in Spock tend to be more informative, better arranged and easier to understand for other developers
Recruiters can also add a weighting to give more considerations to certain questions or competencies
As used in this section, 'total consideration paid or contracted to be paid' includes money or anything of value, paid or delivered or contracted to be paid or delivered in return for the sale.

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3. fee

The fee includes the payment for professional services needed to complete the survey.
After she filled out the application, the records clerk told her that the fee was eight dollars.
My lawyer has an hourly fee of £150!
rental fee
Of course, neither goods nor mailing fee returned.
With regard to the membership fee, you must ask the treasurer of the club.
It should be noted that the duty continues after a notice of allowance is mailed and the issue fee is paid.
Luckily, the fee for the next semester can be paid in instalments.
Tuition fees at Stanford have now reached £9,000 a year.
administration, notarial fee, attorney's, lawyer's fee
There's a small fee for every service in this hotel. To park here you need to pay a fee.
The fee will be reduced. / Remind me to give you last night's fee. / Here's your fee and a Merry Christmas.
The fees are so high that I couldn’t afford to study there.
The entrance fee is $20. (Opłata za wstęp wynosi 20 dolarów.) There's a high membership fee in this golf club. (W tym klubie golfowym jest wysoka opłata członkowska.)
On request, we will send you the programme for a token fee of €1 plus shipping.

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4. remuneration

They demanded adequate remuneration for their work.
In what form do you receive your remuneration?
The professor who invented it has the right to reasonable remuneration from the university.
If the remuneration of the private partner is to be in the form of the right to receive gains from the subject of the public-private partnership or, above all, that right is to be combined with payment of an amount of money.
I would like to discuss my monthly remuneration.
His remuneration as a teacher is 25,000 pounds per annum.
What kind of remuneration are you expecting?
Everyone who works has the right to just and favourable remuneration ensuring for himself and his family an existence worthy of human dignity, and supplemented, if necessary, by other means of social protection.
His remuneration consists of a base salary plus commissions.

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5. salary

In terms of salary, that job is fantastic.
It's very unlikely that Tom will agree to work for that salary.
starting salary
He and his wife both work and his salary is lower than hers, so no wonder he is a hen-pecked husband.
During the probation period of my friend's new job, each month's salary is 3000 RMB; once the probation period has been fulfilled, each month's salary is 3500 RMB.
His remuneration consists of a base salary plus commissions.
Today, more and more people are changing jobs in order to get a better salary and higher social status.
Work is not only important for economic benefits, the salary, but also for social and psychological needs, the feeling of doing something for the good of society.
The person who eventually got the job was very happy. After all, he would receive an annual salary of £25,000.
As a psychotherapist, I earned a good salary and enjoyed a good life.
A base salary of eighty thousand the first year, plus bonuses.
He's already been offered a couple of positions but he tells me he's holding out for a better salary.
Meaning: a fixed regular payment, typically paid on a monthly basis but often expressed as an annual sum, made by an employer to an employee, especially a professional or white-collar worker. E.G. 'He received a salary of £24,000.'
She had a good salary, but she didn't like her boss.
The chicken feed I get for a salary is good for nothing.

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6. wages

The policemen demanded higher wages.
Job security is a priority over wages.
I've used up my wages, but I have my bank account to fall back on.
Can you get by on your wages?
the minimum wages are...
Wages and salary are pay received at regular times.
Depression is a period marked by slackening of business activity, widespread unemployment, falling prices, and wages, etc.
And the tokens he received as wages could only be spent at that shop.
Of course, they are suffering from terrible working conditions such as low wages and arbitrary layoffs, as well as from various forms of discrimination.
It is difficult to break the vicious circle of wages and prices.
It is time not only to equalize men's and women's wages, but also to equalize responsibility for housework.
According to statistics, men's wages are higher than women's.
The wages here aren't particularly high, but at least you will gain some experience
I know what wages. malcontent, and rebellion bring.
People who work in hotel kitchens often get paid low wages.

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7. compensation

After my house was robbed I got a compensation.
I'll see it immediately and personally make sure you get compensation.
compensation for injuries at work
I’ll be expecting a total refund and compensation if this can’t be fixed!
I promise you every possible compensation.
We settler this matter with compensation
something given or received as an equivalent for services, debt, loss, injury, suffering, After my house was robbed I got a compensation.
"Claims for compensation could be made during this window of opportunity. "
You should claim/seek compensation.
Jersey oyster farmers are considering seeking compensation, claiming a deterioration in seawater quality has affected shellfish.
The compensation from an insurance institution is not lower than the death benefit.
He threatened that he would fight for compensation.
compensation for injuries at work/compensation from government/in compensation/as compensation
By way of compensation...
compensation for damages, for moral injury, of costs

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8. pay

I'll pay.
If I had money, I would pay what I owe you. As it is, I can't pay.
Can you tell me where the nearest pay phone is?
Poor Japanese immigrants were willing to work for low pay.
When he would not give them higher pay, they went on strike.
The pay was good, and that was their only motivation to participate in the study.
If she expects them to give her five days off work with pay, she's going to be disappointed.
You are richer than I am because your pay is double my pay.
I'd gladly pay more for something if it's of high quality.
The banker's pay cut was temporary, not permanent.
I was just wondering if I could borrow three hundred dollars from you. I can pay you back next Monday.
He had gone there to help garbage workers strike peacefully for better pay and working conditions.
Pay will be based on experience and educational background.
It doesn't make much sense to me that I have to pay more income tax than you even though you make more money than I do.
She owes him a lot of money, but she probably won't be able to pay it back.

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9. restitution

The company has agreed to make restitution of $44,930 and to pay an equal fine.

10. payroll

How many people are there on the payroll?
He is still on the payroll of the company.
We have 500 people on the payroll.
powered sales and marketing people arrive on the payroll to execute the “plan.” Here’s how it
I have worked for one company where the payroll was snatched on a dark winter's night.
In Japan, the payroll tax is usually withheld from the monthly salary.

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