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1. sight

Land came in sight.
Is there any end in sight to the deepening economic crisis?
Men in kimonos are no longer a common sight in Tokyo.
Sight is one of the five senses.
It must have been a frightening sight for them to watch.
As we went around the corner, the lake came in sight.
A magnificent sight presented itself before us.
There is no sadder sight than a young pessimist, except an old optimist.
The sight was too miserable to look at.
Gentlemen, at the beginning of this century, France was for all nations a magnificent sight.
To his surprise, she was nowhere in sight, and he wondered if she had returned home alone.
The sight memory organ is below the hypothalamus.
I took care to make the letters large and be generous with character and line spacing in order for it to be easy to read for the elderly and those who have problems with their sight.
You'll have to pay a damn sight more than that for it.

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2. vision

Please check my vision.
My visions sometimes terrify me.
Possible side effects include blurred vision and shortness of breath.
Do you think that Spermophilus predators have night vision?
Her futuristic vision helped shape the company's mission statement.
People with bad vision cannot see far.
He has very little vision in his right eye.
The vision that was planted in my senses still silently lingers.
It is fairly safe to say that the family bound for Australia, or wherever it may be, has in its mind a vision of a nice house, or a flat, with maybe a bit of garden.
Vision is indispensable to a statesman.
It is a vision of development of the European Union, based on the Community method.
She didn't have the vision required for a manager.
Maybe thanks to Iceland's new law, the vision of equal pay for men and women can finally be achieved.
The new trendy way to drink vodka is to pour it directly into your eye socket. However, doing so could seriously damage your vision.

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3. eyesight

Tom has good eyesight.
My eyesight is getting worse.
I lost the eyesight in my right eye two years ago.
His eyesight is failing.
He was a weak child with poor eyesight.
Carrots are good for the eyesight.
Poor eyesight is a handicap to a sportsman.
Tom's eyesight isn't as good as it used to be.
Some people say that eating carrots will improve your eyesight.
His old age is beginning to affect his eyesight.
You need perfect eyesight to be a pilot.
I had such trouble with my eyesight that I eventually had to go to a specialist.
The optician tested my eyesight yesterday.
St. Ignatius experienced a gift of tears so often, particularly when celebrating Mass, that the doctor warned him about damaging his eyesight.
In interviewing John for the job, we must take into account that he has very bad eyesight.

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4. gaze

He averted his gaze.
She gazed out her window
As we entered the shopping district Haruna's gaze darted about, just like she was a rustic from the hills, as she looked over the area.
When I considered beautiful things I found that there was nothing for me to do but to gaze and admire.
I kept gazing at her until she, totally confused, dropped her gaze.
Fantine gazed at M.
She gazed into his eyes and told him that she loved him.
A carpenter avoided a vet's gaze.
"The students gazed at the teacher with amazement"; "he fixed his paternal gaze on me"
Definition if you gaze at something, you look at it for a long time
Annette gazed ​admiringly at Warren as he ​spoke.
My gaze went to another young woman as she wiped the face of another dying person.
Don't give me that gaze. I have nothing to do with this accident.
we gazed in wondered him
She had a deep gaze and beautiful amber brown colored eyes.

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5. eyes

Open your eyes.
Her dress attracted everyone's eyes at the party.
Children often rub their eyes when they are tired.
All eyes were glued on the TV set as the election results came in.
The first virtue of a painting is to be a feast for the eyes.
Her eyes ran over the list to see if her name was on it.
Her eyes shone with joy when she saw that her mother was not mad at her.
Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, half shut afterwards.
A fat white cat sat on a wall and watched them with sleepy eyes.
That dog tries to eat just about anything he lays his eyes on.
It can harm your eyes to read in the sun's light.
My eyes are an ocean in which my dreams are reflected.
When I use contacts, my eyes feel dry and become red.
You opened up my eyes to what it's like when everything is right.
The bride came into the room with lowered eyes and with everyone staring at her.

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