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złodziejstwo Englisch:

1. thievery

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2. theft

I'd like to report a theft.
Needless to say, theft was a rare occurrence.
The number of thefts in the district has recently alarmingly increased.
car theft
A worldwide plague of theft emptied museums.
This appropriation is intended to cover insurance against fire, third-party liability, theft, broken windows
Neighbourhoods in some towns frequetnly have serious problems with gangs, car theft or juvenile crime.
Most crime that is committed round here is theft.
This kind of thinking applies not to just dollars in a box, but larger questions of theft and justice as well.
Schools in some countries face problems such as theft.
Definition theft is the crime of stealing something that does not belong to you. Someone who commits the crime of theft is a thief
how to safeguard databases against identity theft,
Crimes like theft are the most common around here.
Then the police made a deal with Emma not to prosecute either of us for theft

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3. thieving

It appears that my husband is cheating on me with my friend. I want to tell her: "You thieving cat!".
Have you ever heard the saying: "Lying leads to thieving?"

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