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1. break up break up

We decided to break up.
I think Tommy and Carly are going to break up soon. They've been arguing so much.
I find it really hard to break up with
Schools break up in mid-July.
Schools break up on the 23rd for Christmas.
I break up with Ania.
break up the fight
Why did the Beatles break up?
They had to break up the party because of the neighbours’ complaints.
(usually no object; with an object, break up with [inseparable)]): end a personal relationship; "Tim and Julie aren't going steady any more. They got really angry with each other and broke up."
After five years of being with each other, they decided to break up
Schools break up for the summer holiday tomorrow.
Sorry to break up the party, but I have to go.
So when do the children break up for Christmas?
stop for holidays (of schools, etc.)/When do you break up for you summer holidays?

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2. break off break off

We should break off the accession negotiations as quickly as possible.
1) It was decided to break off diplomatic relations with that country. 2) She broke off in the middle of a sentence.
We’ve decided to break off the engage- ment.
break off therapy, relationship
Some areas in Spain want to break off from Spain.

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3. sever

This attack marked the severance of their previous alliance
The US severed diplomatic relations with Cuba in 1961.
to sever a rope
The ​knife severed an ​artery and he ​bled to ​death. The ​company has severed ​its ​connection/​links/​relationship/​ties with ​its ​previous ​partners.
a severed fingertip
o cut through something completely, separating it into two parts, or to become cut in this way: Martin's hand was severed in the accident.
By then, of course, she might well have severed our relationship.
Theresa May expelled 23 diplomats, severed high-level contacts.
sever relations, severed
sever the relations
he was taken to hospital with broken legs, a shattered jaw, severed fingers and a fractured skull

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4. broke up

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5. split up

When did you split up with Marco?
My parents split up last year.
I'm not with Susan any more, we split up two weeks ago.
They split up after years of marriage.
She split up with her boyfriend, ponieważ się kłócili. She broke up with her boyfriend.
They decided to split up after 20 years of marriage.
It's been two years since they split up.
She split up with her boyfriend last week.
After 30 years toether my parents decided to split up
Ross and Rachel split up
I'm not with Ann any more, we split up two weeks ago.
Let's split up now and meet again at lunchtime.
My parents split up when I was three.
When people split up with someone, they often tear up their photographs.
My sister and herboyfriend split up last month

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6. Fall out

Let's not fall out over such an unimportant issue.
He noticed that his hair started to fall out.
fall out of love
Elizabeth, I really don´t want fall out with you about over this!
John and Marry used to fall out a lot and they eventually split up.
You could fall out of a gondola or off a bridge.
My wallet had to fall out of bag at the airport

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7. cull

an act of culling animals
Brussels voices support for boar cull in Poland: reports The European Commission has voiced support for controversial Polish plans to cull wild boars, according to media reports.

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8. pick

A pick is a long handled tool used for breaking up hard ground surfaces.
pick mushrooms
The way some people see it, associating with the opposite sex is just like going to the seaside and gathering stones; everyone can pick up the ones they like.
If the tip was a dime in one glass, the waitress, in her haste to get the table ready for the next customer, would pick up the glass, the water would spill out, and that would be the end of it.
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If you had to characterize your wife in three words, which ones would you pick?
If you're at all wishy-washy during a negotiation the other side will pick up on it and get the upper hand.
When I'm home and I'm going to the corner drugstore to pick up some shampoo, why do you always tell me to be careful how I cross the street?
I forgot about pickaxe!
When the manager picked the team, Sam was disappointed not to be in it.
if you pick fruit or vegetables or flowers, you take them from the plant that they are growing on so that you can eat them or show them indoors
Whether you pick the Lions or Tigers to win, the result will be a toss-up because both teams are equally strong.
In countries with electoral colleges, citizens vote for representatives to pick heads of state for them, adding an extra layer to what would otherwise be a direct election.
Calina needs to go back to the doctor next week. And while I'm on the subject, don't forget to pick up her prescription on your way home from work.
If you have a bone to pick with a person, tell it to his face instead of saying things behind his back.

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9. Break up with

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10. tear

This old building isn't worth fixing up. It would be better to tear it down.
If he sends me any letters, I just tear them up and throw them away.
To those who would tear the world down: we will defeat you.
If she's not careful she'll tear a ligament doing that.
I tear my clothes when I work in the garden.
The warranty doesn't cover normal wear and tear.
burst into tears
Oh name forever sad! forever dear! Still breathed in sighs, still ushered with a tear.
As the boat sailed on westwards, the captain looked back at how far they had come, and felt a tear prick the corner of his eye.
We cannot tear a single page from our life, but we can throw the book into the fire.
He sought serenity, closeted in study, remote from the wear and tear of the world.
The child was crying and there were tears coming down his cheeks.
She passed the thread through the pinhole and quickly mended the tear.
nom pl слёзы, g pl слёз, d pl слезам; слёзы радости tears of joy
I was in tears by the end of the film She had tears running down her face I could see he was close to tears (almost crying)

11. terminate

The military operation was terminated in 1969.
If the measurements are negative, we terminate the bore hole
The road terminates in the woods.
wypowiedzieć umowę - terminate the agreement
If you don't start performing better at work, I'll have to terminate your contract.
The agreement will terminate.

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12. pluck

expertly plucked eyebrows
it must have taken a lot of pluck to walk along a path marked ‘Danger’
Birds pluck out their feathers. He plucked the letter from my hand. He was plucked from obscurity to star in the film.
Not unless he wanted to pluck up the courage
To pluck a chicken.
Gary has to pluck a whole lot of thorns out of his leg every time he trips over the rosebush.
The last passengers were plucked from the ship just seconds before it sank.
He leaned down and plucked the red rose.
And their response, of course, was no more than we wanted to stop the genocide and put our troops in harm’s way to do that, nor do we now want to get in the way and pluck genocidaires from camps.
She gave a pluck at my elbow.
Or would I were a little burnish'd apple For you to pluck me, gliding by so cold, While sun and shade your robe of lawn will dapple, Your robe of lawn, and your hair's spun gold.

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13. breaking up

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14. dumped

She dumped him.
He dumped the papers back into the drawer.
Tom dumped Mary's body into the hole he had dug previously.
We all wondered why she had dumped such a nice man.
The truck dumped the sand on the ground.
She dumped him because she thought he was a jerk.
He was dumped by his girlfriend.
She got tired of his waffling and dumped him.
Look! Thanks to you I'm getting dumped all the time. "Oh? Isn't it just because of your everyday behaviour?"
When the singer appeared on stage, the audience gave him the Bronx cheer, because he dumped his wife for another woman.
She dumped her boyfriend yesterday.
Don't be so down in the dumps. You just got dumped, that's all.
Why don't you just call a spade a spade and admit that she dumped you for that American guy she met at the English school?
On May 18, a young Japanese couple was arrested after their one-year-old baby was found wrapped in a plastic bag and dumped in a gutter.
When she dumped me, the shock of it was like a huge gong going off and scrambling all my thoughts.

15. to break it off

16. sod off

I can't very well tell them to just sod off.

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