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zmuszać Englisch:

1. to force

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2. compel

She didn't want to help them but conscience compelled her to.
The law allows the department to compel companies to turn over customer records.
I felt compelled to tell her the truth.
The law will compel employers to provide health insurance
We took steps to compel their cooperation
‘they may compel a witness's attendance at court by issue of a summons’
We are forged by evil to compel
All students are compelled to take history classes.
The new circumstances compelled a change in policy.
The court has powers to compel witnesses to attend.
When the police compel you to obey speed limits or else get a ticket, this is an example of a situation where the police enforce the law.
He spoke with an authority that compelled the attention of the whole crowd.
compel children (to do something)
She compels me to sex!
If you want to be respected by others the great thing is to respect yourself. Only by that, only by self-respect will you compel others to respect you.

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3. constrain

Excessive reliance on monetary policy an attempt to curb inflation could unnecessarily constrain credit and hence business.

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4. coerce

they are denied basic human rights and are coerced and exploited in ways that no civilised society should condone
The court heard that the six defendants had been coerced into making a confession
to coerce sb into doing sth

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5. force to

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6. make

Let's face it, it's impossible. We're never gonna make it.
If we can just make it through one more month, we'll be sitting pretty.
Make your bed.
This tape recorder will make it easier for us to learn English.
Their influence becomes greater every day, but they are uncreative and can't make value judgements.
If you cannot make full remittance, please get in touch with me by October 28, 1998.
Though I mainly work as a studio musician, I do a little busking to make some extra money.
Make a good translation of the sentence that you are translating. Don't let translations into other languages influence you.
Homeroom teachers should make every effort to keep in touch with their students.
They said they'd make the boarding announcement 20 minutes before takeoff.
You can see how much difference a few degrees can make.
The company didn't make any effort to improve its business practices.
It doesn't make much sense to me that it works well on my computer, but not on yours.
It will make little difference whether you go there by taxi or on foot.
In order to make a phone call, I put my hand in my pocket and searched for a coin.

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