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1. complaint complaint

As far as I'm concerned, I have no complaint.
All the complaints have to be dealt with care.
get complaints
I got many complaints regarding your behavior.
I wish to make a complaint. I'm writing to you to complain about...
My only serious complaint was the food.
I was working with complaints and helped clients.
There's been a constant stream of complaint calls since last week.
If you have a complaint let me hear it. There's a difference between superficial obedience and honest loyalty you know.
You're wasting your energy. Your complaint is groundless.
She filed her complaint with the District Court.
How high can you turn up your radio at home before you get complaints from your family or your neighbours?
/kəmˈpleɪnt/ - We've ​received a complaint from one of ​our ​listeners about ​offensive ​language.
an increase in the number of complaints about rail services
How often do you feel this pain or complaint each day?

2. grievance grievance

grievance procedures (in employment law)
a sence of grievance
That was another reason why she could not take her grievances to them.
I'm not nursing any grievances (complaints)
I still have a grievance with him about what he did last year.
There must be an opportunity for both sides to air their grievances.
I still have a grievance with him about what he did last year. (Nadal mam żal do niego o to, co zrobił w zeszłym roku.) I would like to file a grievance at your employee. (Chciałbym zgłosić skargę na waszego pracownika.)
Unions use grievance processes, and a plethora of other specialists in dispute resolution have sprung up to fill in the void left by a ridiculously lengthy, expensive and incompetent State court system.