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1. disadvantage

to be at a disadvantage
a major disadvantage is the limited nature of the data’
The disadvantage of excellent insulation is that it quickly leads to overheating.
For him, divorce is a good invention, with one sole disadvantage: you have to get married first.
This plan had many advantages and disadvantages.
His diligence turned out a disadvantage after all.
Being short is a disadvantage to a volleyball player.
There is one quality that Mrs. Johnson possesses that works both to her advantage and to her disadvantage. / It puts the normal citizen at a great disadvantage. / These principles can put us at a disadvantage. / That's my advantage, and disadvantage.
What do you think are the disadvantages of living in a city?
Unfortunately, you'll be at a disadvantage if you can't drive.
I can't see any disadvantages in the plan.
Living in a cold country is a disadvantage when it comes to eating salads.
That new method is very good but it has some disadvantages too.
There are many disadvantages of traditional ways of learning.
One disadvantage of living in the country is the lack of public transport.