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gerginlik Englisch:

1. tension

Cold-war tension has mounted.
emotional tension
Yoga reduces physical and mental tension and promotes recuperation.
tension grew as negotiations continued
Isn't it better to get drunk and cut loose once in a while and blow off the tension of daily frustration?
We meet at a time of tension between the United States and Muslims around the world – tension rooted in historical forces that go beyond any current policy debate.
More recently, tension has been fed by colonialism that denied rights and opportunities to many Muslims, and a Cold War in which Muslim-majority countries were too often treated as proxies without regard to their own aspirations.
That does not mean we should ignore sources of tension. Indeed, it suggests the opposite: we must face these tensions squarely.
Cost is the limiting factor for laying the less-dangerous underground high tension wires.
The family has the kind of natural organisation to deal with the tensions likely to characterise space trips of 200 years or longer to settle remote planets.
We awaited the court verdict in terrible tension for months.
The tension mounted in the crowd as the two players came to the end of the second set.
tensions disappear
I went to the gym last week but I still feel increased muscle tension.
I feel happy, calm, comfortable, without tension when I learn English.

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