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timsah Englisch:

1. crocodile crocodile

If someone's expression of sorrow is insincere, we say that they are crying crocodile tears.
We saw a crocodile in the water when we were in northern Australia.
The crocodile trapped the gnu as it tried to cross the river.
Tom was eaten by a crocodile.
the crocodiles are ancient reptiles
The crocodile, which produces only male young in hotter weather, might die out too because there will be no females to breed.
She shed crocodile tears over his death.
A black crocodile, troubling his rest, grabbed him suddenly by his rough and heavy foot.
That finch is performing its cute little dentistry on a crocodile over there.

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2. alligator alligator

At an Indian wedding at the Phillipine islands the bride retired from the company in order to go down to the river to wash her feet. As she was thus employed an alligator seized her.

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