3rd Dec 2014

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a type of plastic, used to make pipes, window frames, clothes etc
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po greckim bogu
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the Eros statue - after the Greek god of love
odwzajemniona miłość
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requited love
a large island which is part of Italy, south of Corsica and west of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea
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kasza manna
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to scoop sth up
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soft and easy to press
średnia waga
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The average weight of a baby at birth is just over seven pounds.
wiele hałasu o nic
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Much Ado about Nothing
prawo Murphy'ego (wszystko, co może się nie udać, na pewno się nie uda)
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a tendency for bad things to happen whenever it is possible for them to do so - used humorously = sod's law
włamać się
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włamać się Englisch
to break in
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to ease up
to work less hard or do something with less energy than before
Just relax and ease up a little.

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