9A./9B. The cinema

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the film was released in the US months before it was released in UK
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make available for people to see or buy
a critic
My brother's the theatre critic for The Times
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a type of journalist who gives his/her opinion about something, particularly films, books, plays, etc.
a rave rewiev
Her latest film got rave rewievs.
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an article in a newspaper, magazine or online written by a critic who thinks a new film, book, play, etc. is excellent
Most foreign films in the UK are subtitled
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when a film or a TV programme has a printed translation of what the actors are saying at the bottom of the screen
Most American TV programmes in my country are dubbed.
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when the voices you hear in a film or TV programme are actors speaking in a different language, not the original actors
a remake
Have you seen the remake of Hitchcock's Psycho?
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a film that has the same story, and often the same title, as one that was made earlier
a sequel
Gotfather II is probably the greatest sequel ever made.
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a film, book etc. that continues the story of an earlee one
be set in
The film is set in New York in the 1930s.
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take place in a particular place or period of time
special effects
Avatar has the most amazing special effects I've ever seen.
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pieces of action in a film, TV programme etc. that are created by using special equipment or on a computer
a cast
The new Kathryn Bigelow film has a fantastic cast.
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all the actors and actress in a fim, play or TV programme
a plot
The plot was great but the acting wasn't very good.
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the story of the film, book, play etc
a trailer
I saw the trailer for Penelope Cruz's latest film. It looked good.
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a short extract from a film, TV programme etc. which is used as an advert for that film, TV programme etc
shoot (a film or TV programme)
The Lord of the Rings was shot in New Zeland
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use the camera to record a film or take a photograph
a soundtrack
I often listen the soundtrack of Mamma Mia, when I'm driving.
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the recorded music from a film, which you can buy as a CD or download
a costume
A friend of mine designed the costume for that film.
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a set of clothes worn by actors in a film, play, TV drama etc
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extremely unlikely to be true
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happening in a way that you expect, not in an intresting or unusual way
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having a strong effect on your emotions, usually so that you feel sadness or symphaty
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dealing with emotions such as love and sadness in a way that seems exaggerated and unrealistic
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so exciting that it holds your attention completely
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likely to be remembered because it is very good, enjoyable or unusual
overrated (opposite: underrated)
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though to be better than it is
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strange, unusual, unexpected or innatural
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extremely funny

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