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act like
he's acting like an idiot
Lernen beginnen
zachowywać się jak
behave in a way that's like
mieć sens, pasować
his theory is hard to believe, but his research adds up
Lernen beginnen
add up
logocally fit together
this phrasal verb is often negative
osignąć w sumie, łącznie
the billa add up to 30zl. that is more that I expected.
Lernen beginnen
add up to
to total
wycofać się
tom was ready to call the police when I told him I'd wrecked his car, but he backed off when I said I'd pay for the damages
Lernen beginnen
back off
not follow a threat
potwierdzić, poprzeć
if u don't believe me, talk to Dave. He'll back me up.
Lernen beginnen
back up
confirm a story, facts, or information
we newds lots of balloons for the party. will you blow them up?
Lernen beginnen
blow up
wybuchać, detinować
A: that old building really came down quickly! B: That is because the construction company used dynamite to blow it up
Lernen beginnen
blow up
explode, destroy by exploding
rozbić, rozdzielić
Lernen beginnen
break down
separate something into component parts
zepsuć się
her car broke down on the freeway
Lernen beginnen
break down
stop working/ functioning
włamywać się
Lernen beginnen
break in
enter by using force
zerwac ze sobą, rozejść się
Lernen beginnen
brake up
end a personal relationship
odnieść coś
i should takw the book back to the library
Lernen beginnen
bring/take back
return something
Lernen beginnen
bring up
raise, rear
Lernen beginnen
bring up
mention (as a topic of discussion)
odświeżać, odkurzać
you would better brush up your spanish
Lernen beginnen
brush up on
reviev, study thoroughly for a short time
Lernen beginnen
burn down
become destroyed, consumed by fire
wtrącać się, wcinać
Lernen beginnen
butt in
impolitely interrupt
Lernen beginnen
call off
cancel sth that has been scheduled
wezwać do odpowiedzi
i don't know why teacher never calls on you
Lernen beginnen
call on
ask someone for an answer in class
uspokoić się, wyciszyć się
Lernen beginnen
calm down
opiekować się
Lernen beginnen
care for
lubić, chcieć
Lernen beginnen
care for
like, want
doganiać innych, wyróżniać się
Lernen beginnen
catch up
stop being behind
zarejestrować się
Lernen beginnen
check in

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