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friendly and without arguments:
The relations between our two companies are amicable; everyone seems to like each other and there haven’t been any problems so far.
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something that limits your freedom to do what you want
A lot of business people find that it’s easier to build relationships with clients away from the constraints of the office environment.
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to have a conversation
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adverb) used for adding related but less important information to what has just been said, or for suddenly introducing a new subject
Oh, right. Thanks for telling me. Incidentally, have you still got that CD I lent you?
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(verb [transitive]) to continue to communicate with someone and not allow a relationship to end
Corporate entertainment is a good way to build and maintain relationships with key clients
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(adjective) not relaxed or friendly
After Johann got the job that Steve wanted, relations between them have been a bit strained to say the least
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(phrase) so easily available, or used so often, that you do not enjoy it any more
A: If I hear that song once more, I think I’ll scream. B: I thought you liked it. A: Yeah, well, you can have too much of a good thing
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too much of a good thing

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