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avoid v
Try to avoid the motorway because there is a huge traffic jam at the moment.
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избягвайте v
bus stop n
You can buy a ticket at the bus stop.
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автобусна спирка n
car crash n
I broke my leg in a car crash last month.
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автомобилна катастрофа n
carriage n
My seat is in carriage F.
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child seat n
You should buy a child seat for your car.
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детска седалка n
coach n
We went on a coach to France.
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cross v
What’s the quickest way to cross a busy city?
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cycle lane n
It’s safer to use a cycle lane when you’re on your bike.
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велосипедна лента n
end up
People end up multitasking, which can make them even more stressed.
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оказа се приключи
get stuck v
I always get stuck in traffic on my way to work.
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забивам v
go over v
Don’t go over the speed limit.
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превишавам преодолявам
Не надвишавай скоростта
lorry n
My brother drives a lorry.
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камион n
motorway n
The speed limit is 70 miles per hour on the motorway in the UK.
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магистрала n
parking fine n
I left my car on double yellow lines and I got a parking fine.
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паркинг глоба n
pedestrian crossing n
Children should always use a pedestrian crossing.
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пешеходен преход n
petrol station n
I stopped at a petrol station to fill up the car.
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бензиностанция n
platform n
The train leaves from this platform.
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платформа n
roadworks n
Roadworks are starting on this road next week so traffic will be bad.
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пътни работи n
run out
What will we do if we run out of petrol?
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rush hour n
The traffic is always bad in rush hour.
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час на пик n
scooter n
My daughter uses her scooter to get to work.
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скутер n
seat belt n
You must wear a seat belt in cars in this country.
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предпазен колан n
set off
We set off early to avoid the traffic.
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speed camera n
There’s a speed camera over there so don’t drive too fast.
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камера за скорост n
speed limit n
What’s the speed limit on this road?
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ограничение на скоростта n
taxi rank n
There’s a taxi rank outside the station.
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такси ранг n
traffic jam n
Sorry I’m late – there was a terrible traffic jam.
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задръстване n
traffic lights n
Turn right after the traffic lights.
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светофари n
Underground n
I use the London Underground every day.
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Подземен n
tram n
I go to work by tram.
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трамвай н
van n
My uncle is a builder and he has his own van.
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van n
watch / look out!
Look out! You’re going to crash!
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гледай / гледай!
zebra crossing n
It’s safest to cross the road at the zebra crossing.
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зебра пресичане n
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afraid of adj + prep
I’m afraid of spiders.
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страхува се от adj + prep
angry with adj + prep
Are you still angry with me?
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ядосан от adj + prep
apologize to verb + prep
You should apologize to your sister for breaking her hairdryer.
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извинявам се на глагол + prep
argue with verb + prep
I always argue with my parents about when I have to be home at night.
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спори с глагол + prep
arrive at verb + prep
We arrive at Heathrow at 10.30 a.m.
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стигна до глагол + prep
arrive in verb + prep
What time do you arrive in London?
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пристигат в глагол + prep
ask for verb + prep
I want to ask for some help with my homework.
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поискайте глагол + prep
belong to verb + prep
Who does this jacket belong to?
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принадлежат към глагол + prep
choose between verb + prep
You have to choose between these two dresses.
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изберете между глагол + prep
close to adj + prep
I’m very close to my mum and we speak on the phone every day.
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близо до adj + prep
depend on verb + prep
I might go to university next year – it will depend on my exam results.
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зависи от глагол + prep
different from adj + prep
This house is very different from your last one.
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различен от adj + prep
dream about verb + prep
Do you often dream about work?
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сънувам за глагол + prep
excited about adj + prep
Are you excited about your holiday?
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развълнуван от adj + prep
famous for adj + prep
What’s your hometown famous for?
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известен с adj + prep
fed up of adj + prep
I’m fed up of tidying away your clothes all the time.
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изморен от adj + prep
fond of adj + prep
I’m really fond of my niece – she’s so sweet.
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любим на adj + prep
frightened of adj + prep
Are you frightened of heights?
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изплашен от adj + prep
good at adj + prep
I’m really good at maths but I’m useless at history.
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добър в adj + prep
good for adj + prep
Doing some exercise every day is good for you.
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добър за adj + prep
interested in adj + prep
I’m really interested in history.
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интересува се от adj + prep
keen on adj + prep
I’m keen on football so I watch it most weekends.
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запален по adj + prep
kind to adj + prep
Please be kind to your little brother.
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вид на adj + prep
laugh at verb + prep
Don’t laugh at me when I’m talking.
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смейте се на глагол + подготвяне
look forward to verb + prep
I look forward to seeing you next week.
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очакваме с глагол + prep
married to verb + prep
How long have you been married to your wife?
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женен за глагол + prep
pay for verb + prep
How much did you pay for that car?
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заплати за глагол + прип
pleased about adj + prep
Are you pleased about the new tax system?
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доволен от adj + prep
proud of adj + prep
I’m really proud of my nephew as he’s now a doctor.
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горд от adj + prep
remind me to verb + prep
Can you remind me to call your grandma tomorrow?
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напомнете ми на глагол + prep
I'm playing minecraft
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Аз играя майнкрафт
A cake is on the tray
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Кексът е върху подноса
She has new crayons
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Тя има нови пастели
Mom is cleaning with spray now
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Майка ми чисти със спрей
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рожден ден
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