Dyktanda Callan 6

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Dyktando 43
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I do not get up/ immediately I wake up,/ but I lie in bed/ for a few minutes./ We sometimes/ go through the summer/ without going for a swim./ To cross the road/ without looking both ways/ would be very dangerous./ When we say/ we ought to study,/ it means that we have an alternative,/ but that we are under a moral obligation to study./ Although there were no bones/ in the meat,/ it had been cooked/ so badly/ that it was impossible to eat./ In origin,/ most people in Europe/ are of a mixture of
Dyktando 44
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In some countries, a lot of things used daily/ belong to the government,/ such as the roads,/ the trains, water and electricity./ The notice/ outside the police station/ said that the man was wanted/ dead or alive./ Don't throw/ that piece of paper away:/ I still need it./ I haven't finished with it yet./ The little boy/ had just been given/ a clean handkerchief/ by his mother,/ and immediately he dropped it/ on the floor/ and made it all dirty again./ He was completely off his guard/ because th
Dyktando 45
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In the old days,/ people were very much afraid/ of their kings./ It is quite useless/ thinking about what will happen/ if they win;/ simply because they won't win./ My pen is the most useful thing/ that I possess./ Mix some wine with it,/ put in some ice/ and then pour the lot/ into a large glass./ The two countries/ wouldn't even unite/ to protect themselves/ against their common enemy./ He takes great care of his car/ and lets no one use it but himself.
Dyktando 46
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When we hurry,/ we are not able to do things/ as well as/ when we take our time./ You can eat/ as much as you like:/ we've got plenty of food./ I haven't eaten so much/ since I was a little boy./ The teacher told the girl's mother/ that he found the girl's school-studies/ were not as good as/ they ought to be./ When we are late/ for an appointment,/ we have to run./ If I lend you some money,/ will you pay it back/ when promised?/ One should not make important decisions/ without thinking careful
Dyktando 47
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All right,/ but the root of the problem/ still remains:/ when a man murders another man,/ ought we to put him in prison/ or kill him?/ It's difficult to cross the road/ in safety nowadays./ I'm determined to keep studying/ until I can speak English/ really well./ He lay down quietly/ and died./ Customers in a shop/ are called "sir" or "madam";/ and an officer is called "sir"/ by his men./ When we get wet,/ we have to take our clothes off/ and dry them./ In spite of the fact that/ he seems to be
Dyktando 48
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They threw themselves down/ under the big piece of wood,/ which stood against the wall,/ to protect themselves/ from the rain./ If they had not done so,/ they would have got/ thoroughly wet./ If we drive carelessly,/ we might have an accident too./ However, we do not need/ to drive too slowly./ It is strange to think/ that from such small beginnings/ we get such a large tree./ He won first prize/ for being the best student/ in his class./ A real
Dyktando 49
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Some people / have the manners of a pig./ Although he has lain in bed/ for several hours,/ he is still awake./ They did not notice/ the strange-looking house./ When people owe us money,/ we ought really to have a piece of paper/ with their signature on it/ and the amount they owe./ Some servants take great pride/ in their work./ The car ran over some glass,/ and so we had to get out/ and change/ one of the wheels./ Several thousand copies of the book were printed./ If I get the opportunity,/1 wi
Dyktando 50
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The arrow/ flew through the air/ and hit the tree/ in the middle./ He looked very strange;/ he had fair hair/ but a dark beard./1 do not know/ how much they gave him,/ but it was a large amount./ I cannot go any further;/ I am too tired./ Poor John was not invited/ to Mary's birthday party./ I am sorry,/ but I have already thrown/ your old tie away:/ it was too dirty to keep./ They just could not understand/ the reason for their tiredness./ Some people like living alone,/ others hate it./ In my
Dyktando Egzamin
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The blackbird flew round and round and came to rest on the back of the sheep. The lives of great men have often been full of great difficulties. Despite the pain in his arm, he kept on working, even though he was told to stop. I do not wish to remind you of the fact that, if you are late again, I will have to inform your parents. I read all about it in the daily paper. There was a piece of wire tied round the brick, which cut his skin, I am sorry, I have already thrown it away.

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