Idioms describing feelings or mood

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to be on cloud nine
Lernen beginnen
extremely pleased
in high spirits
Lernen beginnen
enjoying things
keeping her chin up
Lernen beginnen
happy despite bad things
as happy as the day long
Lernen beginnen
extremely content
as lon as a fiddle
Lernen beginnen
looked very depressed
looked down in the dumps
Lernen beginnen
looked depressed
black mood
Lernen beginnen
a bad mood
like a bear with sore head
Lernen beginnen
extremely irritable
eat a horse
Lernen beginnen
very hungry
feeling all in
Lernen beginnen
a bit under the weather
Lernen beginnen
not verry well
on top form
Lernen beginnen
in a good phisical condition
feltas if myu head was going round
Lernen beginnen
at death's door
Lernen beginnen
very sick
as fit as a fiddle
Lernen beginnen
very fit indeed
was scared stiff
Lernen beginnen
very scared
frightened the life out of him
Lernen beginnen
frightened him a lot
shaking in our shoes
Lernen beginnen
trembling with fear
jumped out of my skin
Lernen beginnen
gave a big jump
get carried away
Lernen beginnen
be fooled
keep a cool head
Lernen beginnen
stay calm
make you swell with pride
Lernen beginnen
feel very proud
feel on top of the world
Lernen beginnen
very happy indeed

Describing feelings

Are you scared when it comes to describing feelings? Don't worry, maybe you just lack the proper vocabulary for describing feelings. Let's face it, describing feelings can be pretty tough sometimes, but that's exactly where this lesson based on the best idioms used for describing feelings will help you.

Let's talk about feelings!

It is well known that we, as people, are sociable creatures. Therefore describing feelings as a way of socialisating with others is completely normal, if not even neccessary, for us. But even such a normal thing as describing feelings may sometimes lead to a complete disaster. All you need do is using incorrect or missleading word while describing feelings and the catastrophy is more or less guaranteed. And of course it works vice versa as well. If someone who is uses an idiom while describing feelings and you don't know the real meaning of it, it can lead you to a very uncomfortable situation. That's exactly the reason, why you'll learn all the neccessary idioms used for describing feelings in this one lesson.


But first, it will be surely very useful to recap some of the feelings and emotions we might want to talk about when describing feelings .

Basic human feelings

  • 1. Fear
  • 2. Anger
  • 3. Sadness
  • 4. Love
  • 5. Joy
  • 6. Disgust
  • 7. Trust
  • 8. Surprise

Don't be scared of describing feelings, tit is very useful social skill! If you still feel like describing feelings is nothing for you, or you already know all of these idioms, no problem - find more English courses here or try courses in other languages here


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