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narzekać, zrzędzić
Lernen beginnen
My mum is always grumbling.
merdać ogonem; kawalarz, dowcipniś, pleść trzy po trzy; wagarować
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The dog wagged his tail. He was clearly pleased. Oh what a wag he is that Timmy! Have you ever wagged when you were at school, daddy?
wskazówka, aluzja, ślad, sugestia
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She's so insensitive that even when you've made the same suggestion two or three times she still can't take a hint. The magazine had the usual hints on fashion and cookery.
ściernisko; szczecina (kilkudniowy zarost)
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His uniform was soaked and his face was covered with stubble.
wiednąć, usychać
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Tomorrow will be a real scorcher. If I were you I would pick all the vegetables before they shrivel.
szargać, brukać (reputację)
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His worldwide reputation has been sullied when he was caught stealing some money from the safe.
jasnowidz, wróżbita
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One who claims to be able to foretell events or predict the future; a seer (prorok).
gorliwy, staranny, pilny
Lernen beginnen
Sedulous pursuit of legal and moral principles helped her earn fame and respect. He worked with sedulous concentration.

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