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Lernen beginnen
His mother-in-law promised to buy him a new driller.
zaopatrzenie, dostawa, podaż
Lernen beginnen
skakać, przeskakiwać
Lernen beginnen
Look at the computer company Apple. After its first flush of success it brought in John Sculley from Pepsi to enable it to make the next leap forward.
okazja, dobry interes; targować się
Lernen beginnen
Hotel rates in Bali are rarely fixed - it is often possible to bargain for discounts.
polecić coś komuś
Lernen beginnen
recommend sth. to somebody
My pharmacist has recommended a great cough syrup to me.
zmiatać, porywać, zmywać (o wodzie); znosić
Lernen beginnen
sweap away
All these restrictions were swept away.
sprzątać, posprzątać (synonim z clean up)
Lernen beginnen
tidy up
You can play with your friends when you've tidied up your bedroom.
trwać, przetrwać; ostatni
Lernen beginnen
The trial lasted more than fifty days, as 366 witnesses gave testimony.
natłok, zator
Lernen beginnen
Traffic congestion is always the heaviest during rush hours.
czczy, próżny, daremny; leniuchować, obijać się; bezrobotny
Lernen beginnen
Let's not spend the entire evening in idle chitchat.
wyskoczyć, wyjść na chwilę
Lernen beginnen
pop out
I'm just popping out for a haircut.
dowiadywać się
Lernen beginnen
We were surprised to learn that we won the competition.
nieznośny, straszliwy
Lernen beginnen
I had the most excruciating cramp in my leg. He found the book excruciatingly boring.
przeprowadzać, dokonywać; spełniać
Lernen beginnen
carry out
Now that we have the loan we can carry out our plan. / Don't worry, I'm sure he won't carry out his threat.
zrzucać, porzucać; padać, rzucać (o świetle)
Lernen beginnen
Shed your clothes. / to shed light on something
od czasu do czasu
Lernen beginnen
every now and then
Snakes shed their skin every now and then. Snakes shed their skin every now and then.
w tę samą (jedną) noc
Lernen beginnen
on a single night
Three houses have been burgled in our neighbourhood on a single night.
droga, arteria komunikacyjna
Lernen beginnen
An accident created a terrible gridlock on the main thoroughfare of the city.
wyburzać, rozebrać budynek
Lernen beginnen
knock down
These walls are paper-thin, so it won't be a problem to knock them down.
Lernen beginnen
Liz didn't know that her friends were throwing a hen party for her.
zorganizować, nakręcić imprezę
Lernen beginnen
throw a party (for someone)
Bill threw a party for his sister before she went away to college. Things seem sort of dull. Let's throw a party.
zawalić coś
Lernen beginnen
flunk out
If you flunk out of college, you will have to find a job.
przed (przestrzeń i czas)- przed wszystkimi, przed oczami
Lernen beginnen
ahead of = in front of
All they could see ahead of them were fields of ripening wheat.
dojrzewać (o owocu)
Lernen beginnen
All they could see ahead of them were fields of ripening wheat.
napad (z kradzieżą)
Lernen beginnen
włamanie (z kradzieżą) nie odnosi się do samochodu
Lernen beginnen
kradzież samochodu
Lernen beginnen
Lernen beginnen
pink glow
The wind gave her a pink glow in the cheeks.

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