phrasal verbs 1

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Lernen beginnen
catch up
Can't you drive any faster? They are catching up with us.
pojawiać się
Lernen beginnen
come up
A lot of important questions came up at the meeting
odcięty od
Lernen beginnen
cut off by
In winter, the village is often cut of by snow
Lernen beginnen
give way to
platform shoes will eventually give way to another crazy fashion
iść dalej, kontynuować
Lernen beginnen
go ahead
Despite the rain, the outdoor concert is expected to go ahead as planned
Lernen beginnen
go by
As the years went by they gradually lost touch wich each other
Lernen beginnen
go over, go through
The police went over my statement very carefully
Lernen beginnen
to hand in
Hand your papers in at the end of the exam
ruszać w kierunku czegoś
Lernen beginnen
head for
As soon as the sun came out, everyone head for the beach
pozostawać w tyle, wlec się
Lernen beginnen
lag behind
Our social reforms are still lagging behind other countries
Lernen beginnen
miss out
This document is extremely important. Make sure you don't miss any details out
Lernen beginnen
pull down
This old building is dangerous and will have to be pulled down
Lernen beginnen
put out
Could you put out your cigarette, please?
Lernen beginnen
put up
They are putting up several new buildings next to our house
zabraknie, kończy się
Lernen beginnen
run out of
We are completly run out of sugar. We must buy some in the supermarket.
Lernen beginnen
sort out
My room is in terrible state. I must sort out all my books and records

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