Phrasal verbs part 1

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plug away
My sister has been plugging away at her homework for hours.
Lernen beginnen
przysiąść do czegoś, pracować nad czymś
pitch up
Let's wait a bit longer - Fiona hasn't pitched up yet.
Lernen beginnen
przyjechać, dotrzeć
get behind
I have to stay late today. I don't want to get behind with my work.
Lernen beginnen
mieć zaległości, zalegać
stamp sth out
It is our duty to stamp out corruption and any abuses of political power.
Lernen beginnen
tłumić, kończyć z czymś
hang around
We spent most of the time hanging around the bars of London.
Lernen beginnen
wałęsać się, kręcić się gdzieś
squeeze sb/sth in
I'm very busy this week but I could squeeze a meeting in tomorrow morning.
Lernen beginnen
wcisnąć kogoś/coś (np. w rozkład dnia)
smooth sth over
My brother is trying to smooth things over between me and our parents.
Lernen beginnen
poprawiać coś, łagodzić
goof off
She spent the day goofing off instead of working.
Lernen beginnen
obijać się, unikać pracy
leave sth aside
Leaving aside the cost, taking local transport will allow you to see much more of the country.
Lernen beginnen
pomiijać coś
sleep through sth
I was so tired that I slept through the second half of the movie.
Lernen beginnen
przespać coś
carry sth off
She was very nervous about giving a lecture but she carried it off very well.
Lernen beginnen
poradzić sobie z czymś, odnieść sukces
push forward
They were urged to push forward with their immigration reforms.
Lernen beginnen
kontynuować, posuwać się naprzód
slope off
I saw Mike sloping off early yesterday!
Lernen beginnen
zmyć się (np. z pracy)
step in
Chicago police stepped in to keep the peace in the city.
Lernen beginnen
toss sth away
£30 000 annually is not a sum of money to be tossed away lightly.
Lernen beginnen
przepuszczać coś (np. pieniądze)

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