Put the verbs into the correct form, present simple or past simple, passive or active.

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1. The driver (injure) in the accident.
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The driver was injured in the accident.
2. Where these photographs (take)? In Paris?
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Where were these photographs taken.
3. The company (fire) him last week.
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The company fired him last week.
4. Why he (lose) his job again?
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Why did he lose his job again?
5. Look! The car completely (cover) by snow.
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Look! The car is completely covered by snow.
6. When your driving license (steal)?
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When your driving license was stolen?
7. The company (not produce) chocolate in summer.
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The company doesn’t produce chocolate in summer.
8. Our products (deliver) directly to the customers.
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Our products are delivered directly to the customers.
9. Luckily, the storm (not damage) our house.
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Luckily, the storm didn’t damage our house.
10. Thank God! But how many windows (break)?
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Thank God! But how many windows were broken?

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