Ukrainian folk songs

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Oi u vyshnevomu sadu
Ой у вишневому саду
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The lyrical song "Oh, in the cherry garden" is sung by the bride in the wedding day. The song is about love and how spring comes into nature.
Oi chyi to kin stoit
Ой, чий то кінь стоїть
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A historical song about the love between a cossack and a young girl.
Nese Halia vodu
Несе Галя воду
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The song is about a beautiful woman Halia and Ivanko, a young man that is in love with her.
Oi na hori dva dubky
Ой, на горі два дубки
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A humorous Ukrainian song composed by Vladimir Konoshchenko.
Rozpriahaite, khloptsi, koni
Розпрягайте, хлопці, коні
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A famous Ukrainian song known from the 19th century. The song is about a young man who fell in love with Marusya while digging a well.
Ty zh mene pidmanula
Ти ж мене підманула
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This is a popular humorous Ukrainian song about a man who tells he has been tricked by his girlfriend that promises him to meet him but never comes.
Tsvite teren
Цвіте терен
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This traditional Ukrainian song is about the love of a young girl for a man who is with another woman.
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A traditional Christmas song arranged by Mykola Leontovych in 1916. It was later adapted as the famous "Carol of the Bells".
Ikhav Kozak za Dunaj
Їхав козак за Дунай
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The author of the song is Semen Klimovski, it is about a Cossack that rode over the Danube river.
Oi ne khody, Hrytsiu
Ой не ходи Грицю
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The author and the subject of the famous song is Marusia Churai, a mythical composer and poet. A young woman poisoned her lover because he loved two women at once.
Nich Yaka Misyachna
Ніч яка місячна
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Composed by the famous Mykola Lysenko while the poem's author is Mykhailo Starytskyю. It is about two lovers that sat under the guelder rose and observed nature.
Chorni brovy, karii ochi
Чорнії брови, карії очі
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The text of the romance is based on the poem of Konstantin Daniilovich Dumitrashko. The song is about the brown eyes of a woman.

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