UNIT 10 nie do wpisywania, dluzsze

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if you suspect sth is true
Lernen beginnen
you think it probably isn't true
if you consider someone to be attractive
Lernen beginnen
that is your opinion
if you doubt sth that you've heard
Lernen beginnen
you think it might be true but you aren't sure
if you recollect an experience
Lernen beginnen
you think about it at a later time (recollect - przypomnieć sobie)
if you contemplate your future
Lernen beginnen
you think about it for quite a long time
if you analyse a problem
Lernen beginnen
you think about it in a logical way
if you memorise a number
Lernen beginnen
you learn it so that you won't forget it
if you can't comprehend something
Lernen beginnen
you don't understand it
if somebody reminds you of another person
Lernen beginnen
they make you think of that other person
if an idea occurs to you
Lernen beginnen
it comes into your mind suddenly
solve a problem or how something ends
Lernen beginnen
work out
to make an error, to do something wrong
Lernen beginnen
mess up
to talk endlessly about someone or sth
Lernen beginnen
go on
Lernen beginnen
make up
natknąć się
Lernen beginnen
come across

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