well begun is half done

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Frage Antworten
pozyskiwać, wabić, przyciągać (klientów)
Lernen beginnen
ply for business, trade
to try to get customers for your business in a public place, for example, as a taxi driver, by driving around or waiting in a regular place:
I noticed a couple of prostitutes plying for business on the corner.
zezłościć się
Lernen beginnen
get cross
awantura, pyskówka, kłótnia, zamieszanie, kłócić się, opieprz
Lernen beginnen
Why do we always have to row about trifles? What is this row all about? You shouldn't start unnecessary rows, especially because she's pregnant.
opłata pocztowa
Lernen beginnen
the money that you pay for sending letters and parcels through the post:
Call the post office to find out how much postage is needed.
przełom, Punkt zwrotny
Lernen beginnen
an important discovery or event that helps to improve a situation or provide an answer to a problem:
Scientists are hoping to make a breakthrough in cancer research. The police made a breakthrough in the search for the thief.
możliwe do zidentyfikowania
Lernen beginnen
able to be recognized
In her bright yellow coat, she was easily identifiable in the crowd.
Lernen beginnen
a dark shape seen against a light surface
The silhouette of the bare tree on the hill was clear against the winter sky. He could just make out her silhouette in the dusk
nieokrzesany, prymitywny (np. narzędzie, metoda), prostacki, ordynarny, ropa naftowa
Lernen beginnen
simple and not skilfully done or made
We're a crude form of life right now, in the evolutionary stages. He is such a crude man. a crude device/weapon
bystrość (umysłu), sprawność, zręczność (manualna)
Lernen beginnen
dexterity, dexterous
the ability to perform a difficult action quickly and skilfully with the hands, the ability to think quickly and effectively or do something difficult extremely well:
He caught the ball with great dexterity. He answered the reporters' questions with all the dexterity of a politician. dextertity game. She has got good looks and a dextrous mind.
Lernen beginnen
the beginning, when someone starts to do something, or a process starts(INFORMAL)
The latest research shows that babies can be taught the difference between night and day from the get-go.
złom, strzęp (materiału), wycinek (z gazety, fragment (np. poezji), urywek (np. rozmowyodwoływać (np. plany), zrywać (np. umowę), odrzucać (pomysł), ODDAWAĆ NA ZŁOM
Lernen beginnen
, to get rid of something that is no longer useful or wanted, often using its parts in new ways, old cars and machines or pieces of metal, etc. that are not now needed but have parts that can be used to make other things:
We had to scrap our car after the accident. I think we should scrap this idea. I need a scrap of paper to write on. I've only heard a scrap of their conversation. My old car was sold for scrap.
lekceważyć, żartować, igrać (z czymś, bawić się, bagatela, drobiazg, drobnostka
Lernen beginnen
a matter or object of little value or importance: a trifle
Don't trifle with her feelings. I brought a few trifles back from India - pieces of jewellery and fabric mainly. I'm a trifle confused about the arrangements for tonight.
rozczarowany, zniesmaczony, załamany
Lernen beginnen
extremely disappointed and unhappy
He was gutted when she finished the relationship.
wzór do naśladowania
Lernen beginnen
role model
bezwładność, bezwład, inercja, bierność, niechęć do czynu
Lernen beginnen
lack of activity or interest, or unwillingness to make an effort to do anything:
The organization is stifled by bureaucratic inertia.
zerknąć okiem, zetknięcie oka, rzut oka, zajrzeć
Lernen beginnen
take a peek
He only peeked at the paper, so he didn't remember the details. Make a hole in the door and peek in. Maybe we should take a quick peek at that computer.
kwestionować przekonania
Lernen beginnen
question/challenge/dispute beliefs
I do not dispute the existence of God
wypłacać, wybierać (pieniądze z konta lub bankomatu
Lernen beginnen
withdraw money from a cash point
There's a cash machine over there - I'll go and withdraw some money.
opuszczać, zostawiać
bezludna Plaża
Lernen beginnen
deserted beach
być na bieżąco z czymś
Lernen beginnen
to be/keep up to date with something
Is this list up to date?
Lernen beginnen
big shot
I'm such a big shot that Bill lets me play with those vaccine microchips. We like eating yellow snow
wzruszający, przejmujący, żałosny (krzyk, płacz), dojmujący, ostry(smak)
Lernen beginnen
causing or having a very sharp feeling of sadness:
The movie presents a poignant story of the writer's childhood. Scars on his wrist are a poignant reminder of his difficult adolescence. The production took on added poignancy due to the director's recent death.
młode drzewo, sadzonka drzewa młoda i niedoświadczona osoba
Lernen beginnen
a young tree
bałwan, gala, kłąb(dymu), falować, kłębić się, wydymać na wietrze, przerodzić się, przeradzać się w coś większego
Lernen beginnen
to spread over a large area, or (especially of things made of cloth) to become filled with air and appear to be larger:
Their quarrel billowed into a full-scale argument. Smoke billowed (out) from the burning building. billows of smoke
biust / pierś, ukrywać między piersiami, łono, pazucha
Lernen beginnen
a woman's breasts: the front of a person's chest, especially when thought of as the centre of human feelings:
A dark jealousy stirred in his bosom. large bosom. He felt safe in the bosom of his family.
zaspokoić, nasycić, zaspokojenie
Lernen beginnen
satiate, satiation
to completely satisfy yourself or a need, especially with food or pleasure, so that you could not have any more
He drank greedily until his thirst was satiated. Try not to eat beyond the point of satiation.
szkodzić(czemuś), odwracać, odciągać, ujmować
Lernen beginnen
detract from
His bad acting detracted from the movie. He tried to detract my attention from work
Lernen beginnen
feasible, thinkable
able to be made, done, or achieved
With the extra resources, the project now seems feasible.
łączyć się, sprzymierzać
Lernen beginnen
If two or more things coalesce, they come or grow together to form one thing or system.
The theory is that galaxies coalesced from smaller groupings of stars.
obciążyć, obarczać, przeszkodzić, zatamować, krępować
synonym: constrain
Lernen beginnen
to weigh someone or something down, or to make it difficult for someone to do something:
Today, thankfully, women tennis players are not encumbered with/by long, heavy skirts and high-necked blouses. The country's progress was constrained by a leader who refused to look forward.
rzeź, masakra, jatka
Lernen beginnen
the violent killing of large numbers of people, especially in war
The Battle of the Somme was a scene of dreadful carnage.
agresywnie pewny siebie, zwyżkujący, optymistyczny
Lernen beginnen
giving your opinions in a powerful and confident way: A bullish financial market is one in which share prices are rising.(of markets and investments) with prices rising, or (of people) expecting good things, esp. of business:
She's being very bullish about the firm's future. She’s bullish on high-tech companies
śniady, smagły, o ciemnej cerze
(Jego cera była śniada, jak gdyby był opalony.
Lernen beginnen
His complexion was swarthy as though he was tanned.
Lernen beginnen
to lower someone or something in rank or position:
He was demoted at work. The captain was demoted (to sergeant) for failing to fulfil his duties. degrade, disrate, downgrade
przygnębiająca sytuacja, osoba, środek uspokajający, przygnębiający film
Lernen beginnen
an event or experience that makes you unhappy: a drug that makes you feel calmer
You lost your job? That's a real downer!
pojawiać się, dochodzić do skutku
Lernen beginnen
to happen, or lead to something happening
They are taking precautions against a possibility that may never eventuate.
trąba powietrzna, wicher, zawierucha, burzliwy, błyskawiczny, wulkan energii
Lernen beginnen
a tall, spinning column of air that moves across the surface of the land or sea. A whirlwind event happens very fast, and often unexpectedly
They married three months after they met - it was a real whirlwind romance. The film created a whirlwind of controversy.
niejasny, niewyraźny, mało precyzyjny
Lernen beginnen
not clearly expressed, known, described, or decided:
The detective had a vague description of the attacker. Every answer she gives is vague
zatoka, przepaść, rozłam(różnica między osobami)
Lernen beginnen
a very large area of sea surrounded on three sides by a coast. an important difference between the ideas, opinions, or situations of two groups of people:
Do you remember the Gulf War? This city is very close to the Gulf of Mexico. There is a gulf between the middle classes and the poorest sections of society.
błoto, brud, gnój, łajno, brudzić, nawozić
Lernen beginnen
mud, dirt, or a sticky natural substance such as animal waste
You're treading muck into the carpet with your dirty shoesa pile of dog muck. I'm not eating that muck!
pocieszenie, pocieszać, pociecha
Lernen beginnen
help and comfort when you are feeling sad or worried:
I found a solace in meditation
Lernen beginnen
able to produce a lot of crops, fruit, babies, young animals, producing or creating a lot of new things, ideas
fecund soil, a fecund imagination
zaświadczać, świadczyć, potwierdzić
Lernen beginnen
to show something or to say or prove that something is true: vouch
Thousands of people came out onto the streets to attest their support for the democratic opposition party. The number of old German cars still on the road attests (to) the excellence of their manufacture. The will needs to be attested by three witnesses
uprząż(dla koni, bezpieczeństwa do wspinaczki), okiełznać, ujarzmić
Lernen beginnen
a piece of equipment with straps and belts, used to control or hold in place a person, animal, or object, to control something, usually in order to use its power
a safety harness, Everything changed after the man harnessed fire. There is a great deal of interest in harnessing wind and waves as new sources of power
srogi, dziki, niebezpieczny, przerażający, nieznośny, nieprzyjemny, zaciekły
Lernen beginnen
frightening and violent
The president came in for some ferocious criticism. a ferocious battle
dwudaniowy posiłek
Lernen beginnen
two-course meal
Lernen beginnen
a type of radiation that can go through many solid substances, allowing hidden objects such as bones and organs in the body to be photographed
The doctor looked over those X-rays pretty closely. The tumour showed up on the X-ray
Lernen beginnen
We need to bring your swelling down
zemdleć, omdlenie
Lernen beginnen
faint, pass out, collapse
It was so hot in the room that she fainted. It was so hot that some people in the city square collapsed.
zawalać się (o budynku), niszczyć (poprzez niedbałość)
Lernen beginnen
old and in poor condition:
The hotel we stayed in was really dilapidated. America's dilapidated state today can be directly traced to liberalism's failures as political theory.
przywiązanie, wierność, przyleganie
Lernen beginnen
the fact of someone behaving exactly according to rules, beliefs, etc.
He was noted for his strict adherence to the rules. This is a duct tape of high adherence
polityczne załamanie, kryzys polityczny
Lernen beginnen
political brokenness
streszczać, skracać
Lernen beginnen
to make a book, play, or piece of writing shorter by removing details and information that is not important. to reduce someone's freedom, rights
The book was abridged for children. He said that Congress would make no law abridging the freedom of speech.
popisywać się, pysznić, "elegancki"
Lernen beginnen
to behave or speak too confidently because you think that you are very important, in order to attract other people's attention and admiration
Just because you won, there's no need to swank. swank and sophisticated New York financier whose abandoned past is a thing of speculation and mystery and whose future can only be imagined
Lernen beginnen
not conscious of something, especially what is happening around you
Absorbed in her work, she was totally oblivious of her surroundings. Lots of americans are lauded for their actic civic participation in local self-rule, yet many of them are oblivious to events in far-off Washington
uległy, ulegający wpływom, zmienny, plastyczny, (ciągliwy, giętki, kowalny, podatny)
Lernen beginnen
A malleable substance is easily changed into a new shape, easily influenced, trained, or controlled
Europe saw its colonies as a source of raw material and a malleable workforce. Lead and tin are malleable metals.
osadzać (np. w ziemi, w podłoże) wstawić wbudować
Lernen beginnen
to fix something firmly into a substance
deeply embedded in America's collective psyche
dający się zredukować
Lernen beginnen
able to be made simpler, or smaller in size, amount, degree, importance, etc.:
Some risks are reducible, others are in the hands of fate.
samorządność, samorząd
Lernen beginnen
the act of a country, a part of a country, or a nation choosing its own government and controlling its own activities
parafia, okręg miasta poza centrum
Lernen beginnen
in the US and Canada, a unit of local government consisting of a town and the area surrounding it:
Lernen beginnen
to praise:
The German leadership lauded the Russian initiative.
Lernen beginnen
of a town or city or the people who live in it
She felt it was her civic duty
mieć obsesję na punkcie czegoś
Lernen beginnen
fixate on sth
to think about something too much and find it difficult to stop
High achievers sometimes fixate on their own flaws.
jednomyślność, zgodna opinia
Lernen beginnen
a generally accepted opinion or decision among a group of people:
The general consensus in the office is that he can't do his job.
sługa(chłop pańszczyźniany), plebejusz(ktoś z gminu), poddany
Lernen beginnen
serf, commoner, subject
noble or serf, aristocrat or commoner, king or subject
struktura, szkielet oddaje filozofię
Lernen beginnen
framing captures the philosophy
framing captures the philosophy of at least some ideas of the founding fathers
narodziny, powstanie (np. organizacji), rozpoczęcie
Lernen beginnen
the beginning of an organization or official activity:
We have cooperated since the inception of this crisis. Since its inception in 1968, the company has been at the forefront of computer development.
Lernen beginnen
a tool for turning screws, consisting of a handle joined to a metal rod shaped at one end to fit in the cut in the top of the screw
Lernen beginnen
a hairstyle, often worn in punk fashion, in which the hair is removed from the sides of the head and a central strip is made to stand up from the head
starcie zbrojne, potyczka (niewielkich oddziałów) walczyć, bić się, ścierać się
Lernen beginnen
a fight between a small number of soldiers that is usually short and not planned, and happens away from the main area of fighting in a war; a short argument
There was a short skirmish between the two of them over who would pay for the meal.
nieustanny, bezustanny
Lernen beginnen
without stopping, or seeming to have no end
And in this state of ceaseless watching I spent three days.
wytchnienie, ulga, ułaskawienie, ułaskawić, przynieść tymczasowa ulgę
Lernen beginnen
an official order that stops or delays the punishment, especially by death, of a prisoner: an escape from a bad situation or experience:
He was sentenced to death but was granted a last-minute reprieve. The injection provided a temporary reprieve from the pain.
Lernen beginnen
(of actions) having no effect or achieving nothing: pointless, vein
Attempts to get supplies to the region are futile because troops will not allow the aid convoy to enter the city. It's completely futile trying to reason with him - he just won't listen.
Lernen beginnen
Unruly people are difficult to control and often do not obey rules: Unruly hair is difficult to keep tidy, often sticking up or out:
an unruly class of adolescents. an unruly mop of black hair
osoba nieletnia znajdująca się pod opieką, oddział szpitalny, okręg wyborczy, ochraniać, strzec
Lernen beginnen
a person, especially a child, who is legally put under the protection of a law court or a guardian:
The agency serves youths who are wards of the state. The total population for those wards in 2011 was 49,491
biadolić, skomleć, jęczeć, biadolenie
Lernen beginnen
(especially of an animal) to make a series of small, weak sounds expressing pain or unhappiness:
Stop whimpering like a two year old. A half-starved dog lay in the corner, whimpering pathetically.
plusk, pluskać, chlupać, "zrobić kupę", "kał"
Lernen beginnen
a soft sound like that of something solid dropping lightly into a liquid:
A stick plopped into the water. Mum, water is plopping in my shoes! I turned around when I heard a plop in the pool. Have you plopped today?
idiota, debil, skurwysyn
Lernen beginnen
Hey you wanker, get the fuck outta my yard!
grzmotnąć, walnąć, palnąć, uderzyć (kogoś), głośne uderzenie, suma pieniędzy, (udział, działka)
Lernen beginnen
to hit someone or something noisily, the action of hitting someone or something noisily: a share or part:
He whacked the tree trunk with his stick, He gave the ball a whack with his stick.
zepsuty, uszkodzony
Lernen beginnen
out of whack
not operating correctly or looking right:
You can use Carol's old bike - the gears are out of whack, but it still goes.
zwykłe stwierdzenie, obstawienie
Lernen beginnen
mere assertion
bronić swoich praw-assert
The trade-unionists were asserting their rights yesterday.
rozkrok, rozciągać się nad czymś, znajdować się po obu stronach czegoś (np. granicy), siedzieć okrakiem (np. na koniu), zawierać, obejmować (gdy coś obejmuje więcej niż jedną rzecz)
globalnie rozciągający się rynek
Lernen beginnen
Something that straddles a line, such as a border or river, exists on each side of it or goes across it:
globe-straddling market, He pulled on his helmet and straddled the motorbike. Our farm straddles the railway line.
z trudnością sobie przypominać/słabo pamiętać
Lernen beginnen
faintly/hardly recall
We faintly recall that Gatsby died alone, his funeral almost devoid of friends and family
prosperować/ rozwijać się w świecie bez granic
Lernen beginnen
thrive in borderless world
wygłaszać (mądrości), rozgadywać się, dziobek (czajnika), dziobek (czajnika, dzbanka, wypuszczać wodę, tryskać (o wielorybie
Lernen beginnen
The whale spouted in front of our ship. spout egalitarian bromides
drwina, szyderstwo
Lernen beginnen
the situation in which someone or something is laughed at and considered stupid or of no value
His words met with much derision. They treated his suggestion with derision.
Lernen beginnen
well-heeled subpopulation support unfettered capitalism thanks to their unbounded choice
Lernen beginnen
a tool with a long, sharp, curved blade and a long handle held in two hands, used especially to cut long grass
Death stood up, and reached for his scythe.
strój, odziewać
Lernen beginnen
clothes, especially of a particular or formal type:
She was tastefully attired in a simple black dress. I hardly think jeans are appropriate attire for a wedding.
zachmurzony, zachmurzyć się
Lernen beginnen
The night was dark and overcast. Thick clouds overcast the sky.
streścić książkę
Lernen beginnen
summarize, keep it short, abstract
Elaborateness in a speech should be avoided. It is better to keep it short. summarize a book. I abstracted all collected material in front of the class.
grzebień, czubek (np. z piór u ptaków), grzbiet(w górach), grzebień na hełmie, herb, korona, tiara, zwieńczyć, wspinać się na coś
Lernen beginnen
the top or highest part of something such as a wave or a hill: a growth of feathers, fur, or skin along the top of the heads of some animals. a decoration, usually made of feathers or animal hair, on the top of a soldier's hat, especially in the past
The knight wore a helmet with a bushy crest. On the other side of the crest there's another lake. This bird can be identified by its colorful crest.
spoistość, zwartość
Lernen beginnen
the situation when the members of a group or society are united
social/national cohesion
marszczyć się, falować, zmarszczka na powierzchni wody, pulsacja, puls, szemrać
Lernen beginnen
a small wave on the surface of water. a sound or feeling that spreads through a person or group of people, gradually increasing and then becoming smaller
The stone she threw caused ripples to spread across the lake. A ripple of excitement/unease, etc. flowed up her spine. The crowd started to ripple after his speech
ogromny, kolosalny, cudowny, ZDUMIEWAJĄCY
Lernen beginnen
extremely great in ability, amount, or strength:
She wrote a truly prodigious number of novels. He had a prodigious appetite for both women and drink.
kątowy, kanciasty, kościsty
Lernen beginnen
having or relating to one or more angles. thin and bony
She was tall and angular.
Lernen beginnen
cautionary tale
różnica zdań, sprzeciw, zdanie odrębne. odstępstwo (od religii panującej), mieć odmienne zdanie
Lernen beginnen
a strong difference of opinion on a particular subject, especially about an official suggestion or plan or a popular belief
When the time came to approve the proposal, there were one or two voices of dissent. I am going to dissent from this popular opinion.
porównawczy, względny, w stopniu wyższym
Lernen beginnen
"Fatter" is the comparative of "fat".
batteria jest wyczerpana
Lernen beginnen
the battery is flat
Lernen beginnen
in a way that seems impossible or difficult to understand because of containing two opposite facts or characteristics:
The big thing in video equipment is, paradoxically, sound. Paradoxically, the cleaner lakes have made it easier for foreign species to thrive. It seems paradoxical to me, but if you drink a cup of hot tea it seems to cool you down.
występować na przemian, na zmianę, zmieniać (np. ubranie z jednego na drugie), naprzemienny, co drugi
Lernen beginnen
to happen or exist one after the other repeatedly: to make something happen or exist one after the other repeatedly:
Take this pill on alternate days. She alternated between cheerfulness and deep despair. He alternated working in the office with long tours overseas.
cud, wielki geniusz
Lernen beginnen
someone with a very great ability that usually shows itself when that person is a young child:
The 16-year-old tennis prodigy is the youngest player ever to reach the Olympic finals.
wstęp/dostęp do, przyznanie się do
Lernen beginnen
admission to
the act of agreeing that something is true, especially unwillingly
Her silence was taken as an admission of guilt/defeat. Admission to the exhibition will be by invitation only.
Lernen beginnen
If metal corrodes, or if something corrodes it, it is slowly damaged by something such as rain or water
Steel tends to corrode faster in a salty atmosphere. Meanwhile, local institutions corroded and collapsed, damaging especially the prospects for decent lives among the working classes of all rases
Produkt krajowy brutto
Lernen beginnen
GDP Gross Domestic Product
niewyobrażalna samotność
Lernen beginnen
inexpressible loneliness
w tłumach
Lernen beginnen
in droves
large numbers:
die in droves, Local reporters arrived in droves.
wystrzegać się
Lernen beginnen
be wary of
Be wary of strangers
oszczędność, skromność
Lernen beginnen
the quality of being careful when using money or food:
She was known for her simplicity and frugality. They taught that frugality must be observed in food and clothing
Lernen beginnen
levity, recklessness
humour or lack of seriousness, especially during a serious occasion:
a brief moment of levity amid the solemn proceedings
nie dorównywać
Lernen beginnen
fall short of something
to fail to reach an amount or standard that was expected or hoped for, causing disappointment
August car sales fell short of the industry's expectations.
fircykowatość, niepoważny,
Lernen beginnen
Laura's foppishness shames memory of his father
poważny, nie na żarty
Lernen beginnen
seriously bad
express grave concerns
pokonać, rozgromić(wroga), przezwyciężać (strach)
Lernen beginnen
to defeat an enemy or opponent, especially in war:
Napoleon was vanquished at the battle of Waterloo in 1815. The vanquished army surrendered their weapons. a city annihilated by an atomic bomb
unicestwić, całkowicie zlikwidować
Lernen beginnen
to destroy something completely so that nothing is left
a city annihilated by an atomic bomb
Lernen beginnen
miscarry, have a miscarriage
żalić się komuś
Lernen beginnen
complain to someone, pour out one's heart
generować, zwiększać, wytwarzać. Wywoływać
Lernen beginnen
to cause something to exist, create
Our sales generate our revenue. Last attack generated the concern of city residents. Sunlight generates power.
być notowanym
Lernen beginnen
have a criminal record
wejść w życie, zacząć obowiązywać
Lernen beginnen
go into effect
ruling-orzeczenie, decyzja
A Polish Constitutional court ruling restricting abortion rights is expected to go into effect on Wednesday
Lernen beginnen
There seem to be some abnormality in his behaviour
Lernen beginnen
wgniecenie (np. w karoserii), wyszczerbienie (np. noża), wgięcie (w powierzchni czegoś, USZCSERBEK, wgniatać (np. zderzak samochodu, podważać
Lernen beginnen
a small hollow mark in the surface of something, caused by pressure or by being hit: to make a small hollow mark in the surface of something
The hit left a dent on the car door. Those expenses are a serious dent to our finances. It was not an accident, I just dented this bmw. The scandal dented his reputation.
Lernen beginnen
very poor
an impoverished young actor
Lernen beginnen
as though
custom-made --na zamówienie
The suit fit as though it had been custom-made.
Kości zostały rzucone
Lernen beginnen
the die is cast
zwrot kosztów
Lernen beginnen
reimbursement, compensation payment/ of costs, refundment
the act of paying back money to someone who has spent it for you or lost it because of you, or the amount that is paid back:
Employees can apply for reimbursement of travel expenses.
znakomity, wyborny, wyśmienity, wykwintny, wytworny
Lernen beginnen
very beautiful and delicate
an exquisite piece of china
manekin, atrapa, lalka, smoczek
Lernen beginnen
a large model of a human, especially one used to show clothes in a shop
He bought some gun dummies to serve as props in his movie. Every morning they put a different set of clothes on a dummy. I thought someone was standing in the corridor, but it was just a dummy
obcałowywać się, migdalić się
Lernen beginnen
to kiss and hold a person in a sexual way:
She snogged him just moments ago. Respect! I saw them snogging on the back seat of a bus.
dobrze prosperować, kwitnąć (o interesach i roślinach!!!)świetnie sobie radzić, zawijas, ozdobnik (w piśmie)
Lernen beginnen
If you do something with a flourish, you do it with one big, noticeable movement:
There's a flourishing trade in these kind of items. Watercolour painting began to flourish in Britain around 1750. He took off his hat with a flourish. This is the perfect environment for our company to flourish and expand in.
Lernen beginnen
Learn more to find out which medication might be right for you
ograniczać (np. zakres, ilość), ścieśniać będący w trudnej sytuacji finansowej, ścieśniony
Lernen beginnen
A straitened situation is difficult because there is much less money available to you than there was in the past
A lot of people are finding themselves in very straitened circumstances because of the recession.
całokształt, suma, zbiorcza kwota, kompleks, ogólny, sumaryczny, zbiorczy, gromadzić, kruszywo(male kamienie)
Lernen beginnen
something formed by adding together several amounts or things: small stones used in building
They purchased an aggregate of 3,000 shares in the company. Snowflakes are loose aggregates of ice crystals. The seven companies have an aggregate turnover of £5.2 million. Volumes of aggregates, cement, and concrete used in the UK will rise this year
obsceniczny, nieprzyzwoity (np. film, żart)
Lernen beginnen
offensive, rude, or shocking, usually because of being too obviously related to sex or showing sex:
He was jailed for making obscene phone calls (= ones in which unwanted sexual suggestions were made to the listener).
Lernen beginnen
The economy destabilized in the face of recent events.
aprobata, oficjalne pozwolenie, sankcja (pozytywna lub negatywna reakcja na czyjeś działania), zatwierdzać oficjalnie
We finally imposed obedience on our dog.
Lernen beginnen
an official order, such as the stopping of trade, that is taken against a country in order to make it obey international law
I'm still waiting for the manager's sanction. Did your boss sanction this document? Many nations have imposed sanctions on the country because of its attacks on its own people.
Lernen beginnen
self-making selves
independent -- self-making selves
jądro, ziarno, sedno, istota
Lernen beginnen
You know, some people say underneath gossip there's a kernel of truth. I think we still haven't touched upon the kernel of the matter.
nadmierny (np. wpływ, pośpiech), zbytni (np. entuzjazm), niewłaściwy, bezprawny (np. akt przemocy
Lernen beginnen
to a level that is more than is necessary, acceptable, or reasonable
Such a high increase will impose an undue burden on the local tax payer. He does not seem unduly concerned about the state of the economy.
improwizować, zdać się na ślepy los
Lernen beginnen
wing it
I don't remember that poem but I'll wing it
darować, zgodzić się na coś, wybaczyć
Lernen beginnen
to accept or allow behaviour that is wrong
If the government is seen to condone violence, the bloodshed will never stop. I don’t condone such rude behavior.
Być w rozterce, nie wiedzieć co począć
Lernen beginnen
be at a loss
Jane was completely at a loss for what to do next.
Lernen beginnen
(especially of a desire or need) too great to be satisfied:
insatiable appetite, Like so many politicians, he had an insatiable appetite/desire/hunger for power.
wolny pokój, wolna posada, pusta przestrzeń,
Lernen beginnen
a space or place that is available to be used, a job that no one is doing and is therefore available for someone new to do:
There is a vacancy for a shop assistant on Saturdays. We wanted to book a hotel room in July but there were no vacancies. The dentist can't see you today but she has a vacancy tomorrow morning.
zrównoważyć, skompensować
Lernen beginnen
to balance one influence against an opposing influence, so that there is no great difference as a result:
The extra cost of travelling to work is offset by the lower price of houses here.
mamić, zwodzić, łudzić
Lernen beginnen
to make someone feel excited or attracted by an offer or a suggestion of something that is, in fact, unlikely to happen
Her paintings tantalize the eye.
Lernen beginnen
until now or until a particular time
Mira revealed hitherto unsuspected talents on the dance floor.
ozdóbka, drobiazg (często bezużyteczny), durnostojka
Lernen beginnen
a small, decorative object, especially in a house
The shelves were covered with ornaments and useless knick-knacks.
grzmotnąć, przejechać się (np. po kimś), mocno skrytykować (kogoś)
Lernen beginnen
to hit hard, to criticize someone severely
She likes bashing people for no reason, He kept bashing local government officials.
wielokąt, wielobok
Lernen beginnen
a flat shape with three or more straight sides:
Triangles and squares are polygons.
cukry proste
Lernen beginnen
a simple type of carbohydrate, such as glucose and fructose, formed of molecules that cannot be broken down into any simpler form
molecule-the simplest unit of a chemical substance, usually a group of two or more atoms
powściągliwy, rozważny, skromny, dobrze ułożony (w szczególności o kobiecie), skromny(ubiór)
Lernen beginnen
(especially of women) quiet and well behaved:
She stood with her hands behind her back, as demure as a schoolgirl, She was wearing a demure, gray skirt. She gave him a demure smile.
zagrywka, podstęp
Lernen beginnen
a clever action in a game or other situation that is intended to achieve an advantage and usually involves taking a risk:
Their promise to lower taxes is clearly an election-year gambit.
zniekształcenie, wypaczenie (np. prawdy), sfałszowanie(danych)
Lernen beginnen
a change to the intended or true meaning of something:
a gross distortion of the facts, Nobody has challenged his distortions on education and the economy.
zaciągnąć kredyt/ się papierosem
Lernen beginnen
draw a loan/ draw on a cigarette
giętki, sprężysty, podatny na wpływ, ustępliwy
Lernen beginnen
A pliable substance bends easily without breaking or cracking, A pliable person is easily influenced and controlled by other people
Some kinds of plastic become pliable if they're heated. He wanted a sweet, pliable, obedient wife.
Lernen beginnen
happening immediately, without any delay
an instantaneous response/reply/reaction. The death of the crew was instantaneous.
drżeć, dygotać, dreszcz
Lernen beginnen
When people or animals shiver, they shake slightly because they feel cold, ill, or frightened: a feeling of being frightened of someone or something
I felt a shiver of pleasure, I was shivering as if I had a fever. He shivered with cold in his thin cotton shirt. Your creepy look makes me shiver.
unikać, uchylać się
Lernen beginnen
to avoid or escape from someone or something:
The prisoner evaded questioning by pretending to be sick. The police have assured the public that the escaped prisoners will not evade recapture for long. An Olympic gold medal is the only thing that has evaded her in her remarkable career.
ślinienie się, ślina wyciekająca z ust, ślinić się
Lernen beginnen
drooling, drool
to allow saliva (= liquid in the mouth) to flow out of your mouth: to show extreme and sometimes silly pleasure while looking at someone or something
The dog lay drooling on the mat. Roz and I sat by the swimming pool, drooling over all the gorgeous young men.
boleśnie zranić (stopę, uczucia)
Lernen beginnen
to cut or tear something, especially flesh
The man's face was severely lacerated in the accident.
przeciążać, tłoczyć, zatkać
Lernen beginnen
to make something blocked or crowded in a way that causes difficulties, or to become blocked or crowded
He told me that the fort was still congested with market streets and houses in the 1920s.
porzucać(coś, kogoś) odstępować (pozycję), rezygnować (z prawa do czegoś), zrzekać się (tytułu),
Lernen beginnen
to give up something such as a responsibility or claim: to unwillingly stop holding or keeping something:
He has relinquished his claim to the throne. She relinquished control of the family investments to her son. She relinquished her hold/grip on the steering wheel.
innowierca, odszczepieniec, człowiek inaczej myślący
Lernen beginnen
When the time came to approve the proposal, there were one or two voices of dissent. It can be hard to be a dissenter in the midst of a war conceived of as unconditional.
ludzie wywłaszczeni, ludzie pozbawieni środków do życia, wydziedziczony, stracić piłkę
Lernen beginnen
dispossessed, disinherited
Dispossessed people have had their property taken away from them.
psotny, psotliwy, figlarny, krzywdzący (np. o plotce)
Lernen beginnen
behaving in a way, or describing behaviour, that is slightly bad but is not intended to cause serious harm or damage: used to describe behaviour or words that are intended to cause harm or trouble:
She has a mischievous sense of humour. I think these rumours are mischievous.
punkt widzenia
Lernen beginnen
a set of beliefs and ideas from which opinions and decisions are formed
Do not impose your standpoints on me. I'm not going to adjust to your ideas."I have to put aside my emotions," he says, "and consider it from a professional standpoint."
Lernen beginnen
to persuade someone forcefully to do something that they are unwilling to do
The court heard that the six defendants had been coerced into making a confession.
zburzyć, obalić
Lernen beginnen
to completely destroy a building, especially in order to use the land for something else, to prove that an argument or theory is wrong:
demolish a theory, He completely demolished all her arguments. A number of houses were demolished so that the supermarket could be built.
przewaga, wyższość
Lernen beginnen
kopiec, wzgórek, kurhan, sterta, usypywać stertę
Lernen beginnen
a large pile of earth, stones, etc. like a small hill: a large pile of something
The burial grounds was filled with mounds. a mound of potatoes/papers
GLOWWORMS-robaczki świętojańskie
Lernen beginnen
(of a substance) producing light without being heated: seeming to shine
Bacteria produce distinctive, luminescent signals as detected by a photometer. A selection of Duwek's luminescent work printed on canvas is on display until Saturday at the gallery in Atlanta. LUMINESCENT GLOWWORMS
złoże, osad
Lernen beginnen
carbonate-węglan a salt containing carbon and oxygen together with another chemical. DEPOSIT-a layer that has formed under the ground, especially over a long period:
calcium carbonate deposits, mineral/oil/coal deposits, Decant the wine carefully, so that you leave the deposit in the bottom of the bottle.
zestawienie (dwóch lub kilku rzeczy na zasadzie kontrastu)
Lernen beginnen
juxtaposition, juxtapose
to put things that are not similar next to each other:
The exhibition juxtaposes Picasso's early drawings with some of his later works.
Lernen beginnen
a white or light grey rock that is used as a building material and in the making of cement
astounding limestone deposits
zdumiewający, zachwycający
Lernen beginnen
very surprising or shocking
an astounding fact/decision/revelation, an astounding (= very great) victory/achievement/success
brzeg, krawędź (np. filiżanki), obręcz koła, obwódka, oprawa okularów, podbruzsze, otaczać
Lernen beginnen
the outer, often curved or circular, edge of something: to be round or along the edge of something:
The rim of the cup was chipped and broken. My reading glasses have wire rims. The martini glass was rimmed with sugar.
na własną rękę (np. osiągnąć sukces)
Lernen beginnen
in one's own right
If you have a position in your own right, you have earned it or got it by yourself and not because of anyone else:
She's a millionaire in her own right. The astounding waterfall is worth a trip in its own right
sąsiadujący, przylegający
Lernen beginnen
very near, next to, or touching
They work in adjacent buildings. They lived in a house adjacent to the railway.
nasycony, pełny, wypełniony
Lernen beginnen
full, especially with food: inextinguishable appetite
After two helpings of dessert, Sergio was at last replete. Replete with sulfur springs
zbiornik wodny
Lernen beginnen
reservoir, pool
There was a water reservoir here once. The site is replete with sulfur springs, volcanoes, geysers, ACIDIC POOLS
platforma wiertnicza
Lernen beginnen
drilling rig
rig-oszustwo, fałszerstwo, kawał, wygląd zewnętrzny, powierzchowność, strój
Soviet drilling rig and the noxious gases, which had been lit on fire, created the "door to hell"
ustąp pierwszeństwa przejazdu, ulec, podporządkować się, (np. komuś w jakiejś sprawie), zapaść się, zawalić
Lernen beginnen
give way
The floor is likely to give way, for it's quite old. I had to give way in order to save my job. You have to give way to this car.
szkodliwy, trujący
Lernen beginnen
Something, especially a gas or other substance, that is noxious is poisonous or very harmful:
They died from inhaling noxious fumes.
solankowy, sól fizjologiczna
Lernen beginnen
a liquid mixture of salt and pure water, used to kill bacteria or to replace liquid lost from the body:
a saline drip
blask (np. dnia), lśnienie (np. światła) olśniewać (np. talentem), oszałamiać (np. urodą) oślepić
Lernen beginnen
That dazzle the eyes. I was dazzled by his charm and good looks. He was dazzled by Rome’s architectural treasures.
złośliwy (o uwadze), uszczypliwy (komentarz), fałszywy, falsyfikat
Lernen beginnen
especially of remarks) containing unpleasant criticism that is not clearly stated:
She made one or two snide remarks about their house, which I thought was a bit unnecessary.
znajomość (gdy znamy jakąś osobę, zwykle powierzchownie), zaznajomić się
Lernen beginnen
He has few close friends, but numerous acquaintances. I have been well-aquatinted with Gandalf since i found an opportunity to look into his eyes under his bushy eyebrows
Lernen beginnen
przelewać (z jednego pojemnika w drugi), dekantować
Lernen beginnen
to pour a liquid from one container into another
zbieg, uciekinier, dezerter
Lernen beginnen
a person who is running away or hiding from the police or a dangerous situation
Thousands of fugitives are fleeing from the war-torn area.
Lernen beginnen
extremely larg
This minor glitch has turned into a humungous problem for the airline.
usterka, zakłócenie, zaciąć się
Lernen beginnen
a small problem or fault that prevents something from being successful or working as well as it should:
We'd expected a few glitches, but everything's gone remarkably smoothly
rozwiązywać (problem), zajmować się (jakąś sprawą), odnosić się (do czegoś), przemówienie, wygłaszać mowę
Lernen beginnen
His address was inspiring. The president addressed the nation. The government tries to address the issue of black economy. Secondary materials allow us to adress this reconstruction as long as the precautions are respected
z czyjejś strony
Lernen beginnen
on the part of somebody
I think it deserves greater dedication on the part of scholars of Religious studies
korelacja, współzależność
Lernen beginnen
correlation, interdependence
There is no correlation here between time and culture.
ustępować (o bólu), opadać (o emocjach) osuwać się (o gruncie), zapadać się, uspokajać się(o burzy, wietrze)
Lernen beginnen
If a condition subsides, it becomes less strong or extreme.(of a building, area of land, or level of water) to go down to a lower level:
The police are hoping that the violence will soon subside. As the pain in my foot subsided, I was able to walk the short distance to the car. There is a danger that many homes will subside because of the drought.
zwiastować, zwiastun, herold, ogłaszać
Lernen beginnen
mutch-heralded-bedacy na ustach wszystkich. to be a sign that something important, and often good, is starting to happen, or to make something publicly known, especially by celebrating or praising it:
The Agreement is not perfect but does herald some serious progress. The president's speech heralds a new era in foreign policy. This drug has been heralded as a major breakthrough in the fight against breast cancer.
polecenie, sprawa do załatwienia, sprawunek
Lernen beginnen
a short journey either to take a message or to take or collect something:
Could you run an errand for me? Errand boy. I'll meet you at six, I've got some errands to do/run first.
błagać, napraszać się, upraszać
Lernen beginnen
to ask someone to do or not do something in a very sincere, emotional, and determined way:
She implored her parents not to send her away to school.
przyjąć winę na siebie
Lernen beginnen
carry the can
to accept the blame for something you didn't do
Trevor is in jail because he carried the can for his brother
kondensować zagęścić (zupę), skracać (esej), skraplać
Lernen beginnen
to reduce something, such as a speech or piece of writing, in length: to make a liquid thicker by removing some of the water. to change or make something change from a gas to a liquid or solid state
I condensed ten pages of comments into/to two.
garbus, garb
Lernen beginnen
a person who has a back with a large, round lump (= raised area) on it, either because of illness or old age, or the lump itself
rozłupać, rozłupywać, rozszczepić, rozdzielić (np. społeczeństwo na dwie części)
Lernen beginnen
to separate or divide, or cause something to separate or divide, often violently
With one blow of the knight's axe, he clove the rock in twain (= into two pieces). The corpse of a giant oak cleaved in two

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