Why the food you eat affect the way you feel 1

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to have an influence on someone or something, or to cause a change in someone or something:
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The divorce affected every aspect of her life.
doing things or reacting to things quickly and without thinking carefully first:
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He is a competent but hotheaded manager.
The Romans prescribed lentils to calm the hotheaded
having the same meaning:
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The words "annoyed" and "irritated" are more or less synonymous.
a disease:
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All the rose bushes seem to be suffering from the same mysterious malady.
moving or operating more slowly than usual and with less energy or power:
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A heavy lunch makes me sluggish in the afternoon.
the long tube that carries solid waste from the stomach out of the body:
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He has trouble with his bowels.
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He felt all jittery before the interview.
to drink quickly, eagerly, and usually in large amounts:
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He guzzled his beer and ordered another.
a sudden fall in prices, amount, or value, or a period of time when something is in a bad state:
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a slump in the economy
relating to your diet:
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Dietary habits can be very difficult to change.
A ... plant, tree, or vegetable has a lot of leaves:
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Make sure you eat plenty of dark green, leafy vegetables.
a drug used to make a person or animal calmer:
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She was on tranquilizers for a long time after her son died.
one of several substances, such as sugar or starch, that provide the body with energy, or foods containing these substances such as bread, potatoes, pasta, and rice
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Carbohydrates will trigger production of a serotonin
to cause something to start:
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Some people find that certain foods trigger their headaches
to make or become less severe, difficult, unpleasant, painful, etc.:
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To ease the problem of overcrowding, new prisons will be built
making you feel calm:
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Her words had a soothing effect.
to take something, especially something necessary or pleasant, away from someone:
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He claimed that he had been deprived of his freedom/rights.
to improve or increase something:
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make him feel more confident
I tried to boost his ego by praising his cooking.
not clear or certain because different people may have different opinions:
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It's debatable whether a university degree helps at all.
an idea or explanation for something that is based on known facts but has not yet been proved:
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Several hypotheses for global warming have been suggested
the part of your mind that notices and remembers information when you are not actively trying to do so, and influences your behaviour even though you do not realize it:
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The memory was buried deep within my subconscious.

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