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1. contentedly contentedly

... was a butterfly, flying contentedly
Finishing her dinner, she sat back and sighed contentedly.; He sat contentedly on the floor of the trailer, playing with a stack of colored rings.

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2. contented contented

Happy is the man who is contented.
He is contented with his lot.
Rich as he is, he is not contented.
It is true that he is poor, but he is contented.
No matter how rich he may be, he is never contented.
Despite his riches, he's not contented.
He won't be contented until he gets what he wants.
You look contented.
For all his wealth, he is not contented.
Those men are rich who are contented with what they have.
I am contented with my lot.
You're quite easily contented, aren't you?
I never imagined that I could be as contented as I am with you as my companion.
He won't be contented until he's upset everyone in the office.
Now that he's retired, Yves can look forward to a contented and placid life.

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3. pleased pleased

I'm pleased that...
Professor Brown is very pleased about getting his book published.
This would be a favor, which I would be pleased to return at any time.
Knowing that you're doing fine over there, I'm really pleased for you.
I bought a new sweater and I'm as pleased as Punch with it!
Australians are, on the whole, pleased with the stabilizing benefits of their political system.
Jane's parents were pleased about her appointment as a teacher at the school.
I’m pleased that currently we are the market leader in our field
There was a full moon, and this pleased Valjean as he moved quickly along the narrow streets.
I'm very pleased with you Tom. / I guess you're pretty pleased with yourself. / Because he was so pleased to see you again.
We're so pleased that you're able to come to the wedding. / I'm really pleased with your work this term. / I'm pleased to hear you're feeling better. / Are you pleased about John's promotion?
We rented that house, not because we were pleased with it, but because it was near the station.
Pleased with The Pilgrim's Progress, my first collection was of John Bunyan's works in separate little volumes.
Just what you'd expect of a young lady, you certainly weren't left to live as you pleased.

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4. satisfied satisfied

I'm satisfied.
I give up. No matter what I do, you never seem to be satisfied.
That which was satisfied today becomes tomorrow's provisions.
Women no longer are satisfied with their traditional role of housewife, and are seeking recognition of needs in the workplace.
Hanako made the final payment on her car, and felt very satisfied.
Judging from what she says, he is satisfied to a great extent.
Last time I went to a Lady Gaga concert, although she finished all her songs, many members of the audience were not satisfied.
If you’re satisfied, you’re contented, and you don’t need anything more. You're not overjoyed, but you're not complaining either.
I am satisfied that it has been possible to reach an agreement at second reading.
The result is that multiple claims Groningen also have a gloomier perspective while an overwhelming majority is satisfied with the village where they live.
Some ​people are never satisfied! a satisfied ​smile Are you satisfied with the new ​arrangement?
If it's going to require a total restructuring, I'm sure they will be satisfied with the old system.
It is better to be Socrates dissatisfied than a pig satisfied.
If this is not satisfied, we cannot say that the function is monotone increasing.
The doctor, who is well off, is not satisfied.

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5. contently contently

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