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1. explore explore

We need to explore all possible cures for cancer.
Let's explore the ocean!
We can't make a mistake. We need to explore all the possibilities before we do anything.
We will explore every planet that goes around the sun.
We want to explore an underwater oil field.
Have you ever explored one of those villages?
I want to explore the topic of global warming.
Archeologist explored this things.
We put up our tents and began to explore the island.
We'll have to explore this issue further.
The ​film ​explores the combat between good and ​evil.
People still explore seas and oceans.
I'm going to explore coral reefs.
The town is a good base from which to explore this charming corner of Italy.
One of the important differences between Japanese and Americans is that Japanese tend to choose a safe course in life, while Americans choose to explore and challenge life.

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2. examine examine

Doctors examine their patients.
Examine the question in its entirety.
If you were to ask your banker where he invests his money, you would also have to ask your dentist to open his mouth so you could examine his teeth.
Would you like to examine the data in detail before we proceed?
In this paper I would like to examine the notion of "dyad style" and its influence on fine arts.
The goal of this report is to examine every advantage and disadvantage of this proposal.
Before we examine Emmet's theory, we must clarify the concept of 'internal symmetry.'
She was very shy about her emergency problem, and asked the gynecologist to please examine her.
They have called a special meeting to examine the proposal.
We should examine the quality of their services. He examined the engine and found the fault.
Candidates will be examined on their written and oral language skills.
there are many medical studies which examine the benefits of laughter - it reduces stress, it's good for your heart, things like that.
We need to examine how an accident like this can be avoided in the future.
First of all, I will ask you a few questions and then examine you.

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3. investigate investigate

To investigate the incident would take us at least three weeks.
The farmer that lived nearby came to investigate.
It's my business to investigate such things.
The mayor thought that he should investigate the decline in tax revenues.
A detective investigates crimes.
Try to investigate in depth the cultural values your text brings into evidence.
It is not my purpose to investigate the impact of Emmet's theory on biology.
This is about the case of the "seven mysteries". Did you investigate it?
He works at a scientific institute where linguists, literature scholars, historians, sociologists, economists, and other scholars investigate everything that has to do with gnomes.
When someone dies in mysterious circumstances the police have to investigate in order to finf out whether the the person was murdered or not.
Do the police have to investigate death or bomb threats? Yes, the police have to investigate death or bomb threats.
A team of Australian researchers investigated the way names can influence a person’s impressions and decision making.
The cause of the fire is being investigated.
The police investigated the murder of a famous actor. (Policja prowadziła dochodzenie w sprawie morderstwa sławnego aktora.) I want to investigate this case. (Ja chcę zbadać tę sprawę.)
Investigate thoroughly the bushes where the enemy may be hiding.

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4. look into look into

The police have promised to look into the problem.
Someone said there was a meeting at 9:30 but I haven't heard anything about it. Shall I look into it?
[We will look into the problem as soon as possible.]
I'll look into the matter and send an invoice.
We'll look into the problem and come back to you when we have the information.
I wrote a letter of complaint, and the airline have promised to look into the matter.
Don't worry, I'll look into it.
We'll have to look into the problem carefully.
He will look into your complain.
We must look into the matter before we make a decision.

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5. to research to research

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6. study study

I study Spanish.
Before going to study in Paris, I must brush up on my French.
A new study suggests that hospital records for patients older than 65 are often incorrect, which may lead to serious treatment errors.
This experience will be invaluable as a way of improving the way I study English.
Repetition plays an important role in language study.
What surprised me most when I first entered college was how few of my classmates knew how to study efficiently.
The pay was good, and that was their only motivation to participate in the study.
His sickness made it impossible for him to continue his study.
I don't have to study tonight. I think I'll watch television for a while.
They think it is necessary to study the school system and educational environment of Japan.
His scores are always better than mine, even though he doesn't study very much.
The argument presented in Doyle's study was first published as a white paper on drug-related crimes.
It's getting easier to find audio files by native speakers for almost any language you might want to study.
If you can't go to an English-speaking country to study, perhaps you can find an English native speaker living nearby that can help you learn English.
The boy's plan was to study medicine and return to Saint Croix as a doctor.

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7. to probe to probe

As part of this discussion you need to probe the client with certain questions to get the information you need to fully understand what exactly the client’s expectations are.

8. test test

How was today's test?
He began to suspect something was wrong when the seller didn't allow him to test the item before buying it.
Somebody told me that today's test was identical to the one we had last year.
test all circuits
In 1967, an American sociologist called Stanley Milgram tried a new method to test the theory.
Tom and Mary gave exactly the same answers on the test which made the teacher suspicious.
At his final exam, Bob was really put through the wringer; the test covered everything that was in the course.
You should have the test done again. The result may have been a false positive.
For too long society has placed sole emphasis on children's test results, to the detriment of social discipline.
However, the duty of a student is to study. So if you neglect the end of term test, that's a "no!".
We recommend that mains water have a water-quality test carried out once a year, well water twice a year.
We have to be ready not only for a straightforward test of strength, but also for a struggle in which every strategy comes into play.
Your test papers must be handed in by Monday.
Albert is always trying his hand at something to test his own skill.
Please don't make so much noise. They are studying at the library for a very difficult test.

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9. do research

This week I'm going to do research for a report.
It's important to do research before negotiations begin

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10. enquire

If anyone wants to enquire further you can tell them your level at that point.
let's say you were phoning to enquire about the arrival time of an...
One did not enquire into the way she got her money.
Two men had enquired after him at his place of work.
/ɪnˈkwaɪər/ I would like to enquire
I called the station to enquire about train times / However, I may enquire and inform you later
I wish to enquire about the resolution agreed between the parliamentary groups.
'When will that be?' enquired the little prince.
She enquired about my financial situation.
Y-You OK? Not hurt?, I enquire timidly. "Ah, no, I'm fine."
Why don't you telephone the theatre and enquire about tickets?

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11. examining

They found out truth while examining a pile of relevant documents.
The police were examining their bags.
Aristotle maintained that women have fewer teeth than men; although he was twice married, it never occurred to him to verify this statement by examining his wives' mouths.
After examining the bear at leisure, I made a rush on him.
It is important to overview the economic status of these groups before examining the proposed solutions.

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12. survey

The fee includes the payment for professional services needed to complete the survey.
For the time being, I will wait for the result of the survey.
to survey
She carried out a survey about the TV programmes young people prefer
Please fill in the customer satisfaction survey.
In the OECD survey, northern European countries are keeping their high ranking in tax-rates.
In the absence of sufficient data, the survey was given up.
That does not, however, stop thousands of people from using drones for a plethora of purposes, including videography, sheep herding, product delivery and crop surveying.
We used to compile survey results using spreadsheet programs but recently we feel that database software's summing methods are quicker so we use databases to total them.
I’m imagining a sort of ‘State of Oxford’ survey.
In any case, a survey, carried out, by the Italian authorities, revealed, many, irregularities.
19% of those surveyed say they haven't decided who they will vote for.
Another survey recently revealed that women currently shop online more than men.
Can I ask you some questions for a survey about exercise and sport?'
In a survey we did at school, one hundred pupils were asked what they thought about the facilities.

13. exam

I failed the exam.
Don't forget to spend a little time looking over your notes before the exam.
The world history exam proved to be easier than I had expected.
Taking into account the time I'd just spent napping, I'm really picking up the sense that this time's exam really won't be straight forward.
I left Jeremy poring over his notes for his first accountancy exam tomorrow.
The publication of the exam results over without incident, for the time being attention is naturally going to focus on the summer break, right?
Nowadays, however, calculators can be used freely in school examinations, and already in many schools the only sound to be heard during a math exam is the sound of children tapping on their calculators.
Although he did well in the exam, his spoken Chinese is not necessarily as good as yours.
Your exam today will be very significant for your future.
Below, you can read the instructions you will be given during the final exam.
You got 120% on the physics exam? You could probably teach that class...
The more I study for an exam, the worse I do! I guess correlation does not imply causation.
Just as we were leaving the exam room the doctor waved his hand saying, 'bye-bye'.
If it doesn't get better after two weeks, you definitely must get a medical exam.
When one lucky spirit abandons you another picks you up. I just passed an exam for a job.

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14. scrutinizing

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