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1. weapon weapon

The human race has one really effective weapon and that is laughter.
The intellect is your strongest weapon against today's folly.
What's your favorite weapon?
Patience is sometimes the most effective weapon.
The fingerprints left on the weapon match the suspect's.
An understanding of people is the greatest weapon you can possess.
Chocolate could become a secret weapon in the fight against crime.
Watch out for her. Her weapon is language - if she wants to, she'll talk you to death.
One gladiator's weapon of choice is the mace, while the other's is a sword.
Even in the case of a major disease, hope is a good weapon.
His head had been shattered by a savage blow from some heavy weapon.
A trebuchet is a siege weapon similar to a catapult.
When one nation pursues a nuclear weapon, the risk of nuclear attack rises for all nations.
Among some who have read Blackstone and more who have not an opinion prevails that a husband may chastise his wife provided the weapon be not thicker than his little finger.
Skilled soldiers know how to use their environment as a weapon.

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2. arms arms

Arms export was prohibited.
ALS had made his hands and arms too weak to hold a pen or to type.
To arms!
I prefer to leave my Spanish sentences in the loving arms of a Hispanophone.
Your eyes are as beautiful as the arms of the Venus de Milo.
They all have arms, legs, and heads, they walk and talk, but now there's SOMETHING that wants to make them different.
If you wind up the doll with the key on the side of its torso it will swing its arms round and go forward doing somersaults.
Russia has been accused of selling arms and other military equipment to Syria.
A traffic policeman signals directions to drivers by waving his hands and arms.
Everybody was so up in arms but it seems they got all panicky about nothing.
Situation report. "At present 4 in sight. At most probably 7. Holding small calibre arms."
That exercise - backs together, link arms, one bends forwards while the other stretches their back - we did that a lot as children, didn't we?
Local officials are twisting arms to push new development projects.
Only by prohibiting nuclear weapons altogether can we stop the arms race.

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3. gun gun

She shot a gun.
Tom took the gun from Mary before she could kill herself.
A gun might come in handy.
Such a man does not go hunting and seldom owns a gun.
Do you think it should be legal for citizens to possess a gun?
Tom thought it would be a good idea if Mary got a gun.
The defendant was about to stand trial when he grabbed the deputy's gun and shot the judge.
We discussed gun control in social studies class.
According to the ballistics report, this gun can't be the murder weapon.
My screw gun is making weird noises.
Betty may be pretty, but she shoots a gun with the precision of a hawk.
Gun makers have been able to escape responsibility for firearm violence.
I just couldn’t pass a group of men with guns; shooting rabbits and deer; without asking them why they would want to do that.
It's a very interesting organisation. Who's their gun?
In America, a lot of people have guns to protect themselves,

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4. weaponry weaponry

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